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The beautiful city of San Diego is home to over 300 recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries. While one would assume that young adults are the target market in this industry, studies are showing that the average customer at a dispensary in San Diego is roughly 40-50 years old. With the acceptance of cannabis for recreational use growing in popularity, the cities of California are seeing the increase of funds in their areas. The state of California is expected to surpass $1 billion in cannabis sales this year.

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San Diego Marijuana News & Events

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San Diego Dispensary Reviews

Everytime I come here I am helped with whatever I need weather its price or quality. They also have the best prices on weed . Iv been to all the ones n my area this is the best

Great quality cannabis products top self friendly delivery over all Great experience every time my orders have always been meet to satisfaction highly recommend rate this 5 stars

I was really disappointed because I’ve ordered from here before & I got an awesome deal on the edibles, however that wasn’t my experience last time I ordered. The Skywalker OG was on sale for $100 an ounce, & judging just from the picture on the website (there was an actual HUMAN hair on the nug in the picture) I should’ve stayed far away. The weed was so dry, I couldn’t even attempt to rehydrate it. On top of that, I didn’t even get a full ounce of weed, there was realistically 1/8 of smokable product. The rest was just seeds, stems, and leaves that the budtenders were too lazy to cut off. I had ordered some edibles as well, and asked how many edibles were in the Peachie-O’s, I was told that there was 10-12 candies in the bag. Before I even opened it, I felt how many were in there. Turns out there was only 4, had I known these candies were 125mg of THC each with only 4 in the bag, I definitely wouldn’t have bought them. I also got a pack of the Sour Patch kids, coming in at 80

I ordered a cartridge online. After picking it up I discovered that she gave me the wrong item. So I called to tell them about the mistake so it can be fixed. When I called and explained my problem they informed me that they were out of what I wanted so they switched it with a diferent product, one that I don’t like, and without even telling me or asking me if I wanted something else. So I asked for a refund and they tell me they can’t offer a refund even tho it was their mistake. Instead he offered me a 15% discount lol. They offer that for their daily deals. I asked if he could take it back as defective and he said if he does that the reps for the company will notice nothing is wrong with it and the store won’t get a refund. So in other words it’s better for me to lose my money than for them. Awful service. The whole situation was their fault and they couldn’t fix such an easy problem. Never will I step foot in that place again Do not go to higher level!

I just left. I was told I can go to my car to get more cash. When I got back the black chubby girl security guard was very mean and rude. She ran me off. Bad management. I will never send my family and friends in the neighborhood not to go as long as that rude security guard leaves. We don’t do business like that. Good bye 👋

Hands-down the best in the Antelope Valley. Always on point and with best customer service.

Hey guys, download and add gbelty19 this dude has the best top shelf and he can do home delivery

Hey guys, download and add gbelty19 this dude has the best top shelf and he can do home delivery

Hey guys, download and add gbelty19 this dude has the best top shelf and he can do home delivery

This is by far the best dispensary I’ve ever seen. I’ve ordered 7 times and was very pleased with all my orders.

Really nice place, got great shirt for first visit

Been dealing with them for months now good quality and nice portions. A customer forever. Nice folks and knowledgeable.

Ten STAR. Best prices in all of SoCal. I Endorse OFF THE CHARTS, Four More Years !

Fantastic never feel rushed never feel like my questions are stupid. I get Marcus often or Steve. Both really knowledgeable on all aspects of canabus

Your melbox is full Tranna order

Horrible. I ordered an ounce and was shorted 7 grams . I contact the driver immediately he told me to contact the main office which I did and basically was called a liar and that it was correct which it wasn’t . I weighted both of the packages one was correct 14 grams the other was only 7 grams . I have never ever had an issue and have used many deliveries in the area !! I go between this one and TOP FLIGHT which is great so use them and not this service at all. I spend about 1000 a month on weed so who ever treated me like this is a horrible owner or manager!! Plus them losing me as a customer over 60 bucks is a fool . I am still a customer whether I am buying weed or jewelry. This place is horrible horrible. DO NOT USE THEM!! If a mistake is made it’s your fault and you’re a liar . I give them a big huge 0 they’re cheats don’t get screwed by them like I did !!

This place is a joke. I ordered 3 times in the last few weeks because they are close to my new place that I just moved in. One order was right, the second order was over THREE hours late, and they wouldn’t even offer so much as a free pre-roll for the inconvenience. The third time, the driver was acting super shady and wouldn’t sell me the product. He said “we can only take cash” and acting like I was committing a crime or something even though I had paid card three times before. I asked repeatedly why can’t you take cash and he kept avoiding the question like I was buying crack cocaine in a back alley making it an EXTREMELY awkward exchange when he could have just said “our card scanners are down” which apparently was the case after I waited hours again. STAY AWAY. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Fast, Free Cannabis Delivery and Weed Delivery, Proudly serving Richmond, San Pablo, Hercules, Rodeo, Pinole, EI Sobrante, Kensington, and Albany

Been getting deliveries from here for a year now. Never disappointed. Placing an order is quick and easy and the drivers keep getting nicer every time.

Love my drivers keeping us all going when it’s a mess. Thank you Ryan.

Find San Diego, CA dispensaries, marijuana delivery services, and mmj doctors to get your medical card and buy cannabis legally .

Where to Buy Weed in San Diego, California

San Diego, and California in general, are some of the biggest hotspots for weed lovers in the world. Since California welcomes all weed lovers, we’d think that finding it in San Diego shouldn’t be a problem. But, before scheduling our next trip to the Golden State, there are a couple of things we should know.

In our weed guide, we’re going to be talking about the weed laws in California and the most popular strains of weed. But, most importantly, we’re going to share what the best places to buy weed in San Diego are.

California and Weed

Aside from Los Angeles, San Diego is one of the best places to buy and smoke weed in California. Since marijuana became legal for recreational use in 2016, they’ve opened numerous dispensaries and even some weed lounges.

Since we can’t smoke in most public places, like bars or cafes, weed lounges are a great place to enjoy ourselves. Keep in mind, however, that alcohol is illegal in the weed lounges.

The Law

First, let’s talk about marijuana laws in California. If we want to smoke weed there, we must be over the age of 21 and we can’t do it in a public area. What’s more, anyone visiting San Diego is allowed to carry 28.5 grams or less of weed on their person. It is illegal to sell or give retail marijuana to minors.

Also, we can’t smoke weed and drive or carry it across state lines. With that said, as long as we follow these laws, we won’t have any problems with the police. If we get caught us more than 28.5 grams of weed, we might have to pay a $100 fine.

Growing Weed

California has made it easy for those of us who want to grow our weed. They allow every resident to grow up to six cannabis plants for recreational use. The only thing we have to keep an eye out for is that the plants are not visible from a public place.

Also, because of California’s amazing climate, most cannabis strains grow there, so we have a pretty big selection of plants to choose from. When it comes to our plants, California law says we can share them with anyone over the age of 21. But, keep in mind that only licensed dispensaries are allowed to sell weed and weed-related products.

Where to Buy Weed in San Diego, California

Now, let’s get into the reason why we’re all here — where to buy weed once we’re in San Diego. We are going to give a couple of options, so everyone can figure out what works best for them.


In California, dispensaries are the easiest and safest way to buy weed. There are over 60 dispensaries in San Diego where we can buy weed and weed-related products. What’s more, we can actually smoke and have a non-alcoholic drink in some of them.

Since we don’t need a medical marijuana card, buying from dispensaries is a pretty simple process. All we have to do is go down to the shop and choose what we want to get.

Also, dispensaries are the only places where we can not only buy weed, but CBD oil, vape pens, tinctures, edibles, and so much more. For those visiting San Diego for the first time, here’s an interactive map of the best dispensaries in town.

Where to Smoke Weed in San Diego

Since we can’t really smoke in public, it’s important to find places where we can enjoy our weed. Let’s take a look at some of the best choices in San Diego.


Even though there aren’t any weed cafes in San Diego yet, we can smoke in some dispensaries. Some of the best ones are:

  • Urban Leaf Southwest
  • The Black
  • Mankind

Mobile Cannabis Smoke Lounge

There’s a company in San Diego that is a smoke lounge on wheels. We can not only smoke on the bus but also learn about some of the best weed San Diego has to offer. Whether we’ve never smoked weed before or we’re deep into the canna-culture, the MJ Cannabis tour bus has something for everyone.

There are four different tours to choose from, depending on what we like to do:

  1. Grow Tour
  2. Weed & Wine
  3. Buds & Brews
  4. Wake & Bake

We’re quickly going to take a look at each tour, just so that our first-time visitors know what to expect.

Grow Tour

On the Grow tour, we’re going to visit a cultivation and testing lab, a couple of licensed dispensaries, and a pizza parlor. For more information about the Grow tour, visit this link.

Weed & Wine

The next tour is for all of our wine lovers. MJ Tours will take us to one licensed dispensary and three wineries, so we can sample some of the best wines San Diego has to offer.

Buds & Brews

The next tour is for anyone who loves to smoke their weed and enjoy a frosty glass of beer. On the Buds & Brews tour, we’ll get a chance to visit two dispensaries and two local breweries.

Wake & Bake

Last but not least is the Wake & Bake tour. This tour is by far the most interactive one, and we’ll get a chance to visit a licensed dispensary, a cafe, and donut shop. At the end of the tour, there’s a cooking class where we can learn to make some amazing weed-infused edibles.

Ocean Beach Pier

Another local-favorite for smoking weed in San Diego is the Ocean Beach Pier. The Pier is just a five-minute walk from the Ocean Beach Strip and we can find plenty of weed enthusiasts there. Now, while the Pier is a great spot for smoking, we still recommend going there in the evening, since smoking in public is illegal.

Ocean Beach Farmers’ Market

The farmers’ market near Ocean Beach is another great place to meet some weed-lovers. It takes place every Wednesday from 4 PM–8 PM UTC. Not only can we smoke there, but we can also buy some fresh produce, eat food, and get to know some of the locals.

Where to Buy Weed in San Diego, California San Diego, and California in general, are some of the biggest hotspots for weed lovers in the world. Since California welcomes all weed lovers, we’d