buying pot in san francisco

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18 Best Marijuana Delivery Services to Stay Medicated in SF

After a year of hiding in our domicile, many of us are beginning to emerge from our shelter-at-home lairs to see what the ‘new normal’ holds for us. Outdoor dining and walks in the park have certainly been a great improvement, but delivery is still supreme in the world of COVID-19.

Let’s face it, your grandparents already had cannabis delivery from their far-out hippie friend who would drop off brown weed at their commune. Though some might think back fondly, we appreciate that you can now access a website or an app to request an on-demand delivery of the highest-quality marijuana directly to your door. That’s right! You don’t even have to go to any of San Francisco’s great marijuana retail stores, now they come to you. Below are the Bay Area’s best deliverers — out of the surprisingly large number of services now out there. Why is this list free to read?

Delivers to: San Francisco, Peninsula, & San Jose

Caliva is committed to empowering people to be confident in their choices and delighted with their experiences. They craft the highest quality, reliable cannabis products, sourcing from their own flower grown locally in the South Bay. They also carry top-notch cannabis products from third-party brands throughout California. Cannabis regulars will find purchasing a breeze as they quickly notice that Caliva offers the best products in the area. Cannabis newbies can feel confident in their purchase by scheduling an online or phone consultation before they hit the buy button. Offering seamless access to cannabis is at Caliva’s core, it’s truly cannabis on your terms.

Delivers to: San Francisco, Peninsula, East Bay, Marin, San Jose

Sava is a cannabis delivery service founded by female leaders in the marijuana industry. The team tailors the best experience to each specific individual by providing a large portfolio of products. Sava provides some of the highest quality weed that is lab tested by a third party. They hand select cannabis strains from small-batch producers which gives a greater level of quality that is hard to achieve from mass producers.

Using the tagline “Inhale wisely,” Cali Xpress has one of the nicest web interfaces of any delivery company in the Bay Area. Their team is passionate about providing rapid access to top-of-the-line marijuana products, and they boast an unmatched price point as they strive to source the absolute finest product in the state.

Farm Starz
Delivers to: San Francisco, Peninsula, East Bay, Marin, San Jose

Farm Starz claims unbeatable deals on anything marijuana related. The service seeks to give its customers significant discounts while taking advantage of amazing door-to-door delivery of weed products within the Bay Area.

Delivers to: San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Sebastapol & the North Bay

SPARC is one of the OG dispensaries in San Francisco, with its sleek original SoMa location often compared to an Apple store. Since the days of legalization began, SPARC has been offering an array of brands of flower, edibles, extracts, tinctures, and more, as well as its own in-house brands like the all outdoor-grown Marigold. These days you can order ahead from any of their three SF locations for pickup or delivery. Delivery is offered from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., with most deliveries arriving within an hour. And delivery is free on orders of $50 or more.

Foggy Daze
Delivers to: San Francisco

Foggy Daze is very much the farm-to-bong weed delivery service. All of the marijuana flower sold by this delivery company is grown on their internally-owned grow facilities, known as Island in the Sky farm. Foggy Daze does this to ensure the highest-quality standards of organic buds.

Delivers to: San Francisco, Peninsula, East Bay, Marin

JAHnetics seeks to bring Bay Area residents some of the best products via one of the world’s top marijuana menus. JAHnetics specializes in craft cannabis with rare and exotic flavor profiles, resulting from a commitment to researching and developing the best cannabis on the market.

Buzz Delivery
Delivers to: San Francisco, Peninsula, East Bay

Founded on the principle of creating a community of marijuana enthusiasts who share common beliefs about the healing properties of cannabis, Buzz works to connect its community members with the perfect THC & CBD products, on demand. Buzz works to meet the needs of each individual, and as such, they serve a growing community of enthusiastic and loyal members.

Delivers to: San Francisco, Peninsula, Marin, San Jose, & the East Bay

Caliva provides discreet delivery of a wide array of cannabis products directly to your door. With investors like Jay-Z & Joe Montana, among others, Caliva is a name that has certainly made the rounds throughout the news and within the marijuana industry. Those famous investors are not the only reason Caliva is so well-trusted. In fact, they were first known for providing great product and excellent service.

Lady Chatterley’s is a unique cannabis delivery service in San Francisco, featuring some of California’s finest marijuana flower, pre-rolls, stylish vape pens, cartridges, delicious edibles, and relaxing spa products. Lady Chatterley’s was also featured in Viceland’s Slutever, and generally has a delivery window of 30 to 90 minutes in San Francisco, with additional delivery options in Marin & San Mateo.

Lifted SF
Delivers to: San Francisco, Peninsula, East Bay

Lifted (originally Lifted420) is an independently owned delivery service which has been servicing San Francisco & the Peninsula since 2010. The compay began as the only motorcycle marijuana delivery service and has since grown to a well-oiled team that supports small family farms and sustainability by curating a menu with local cannabis products that are cultivated using sustainable and regenerative farming practices. Lifted strives to provide cannabis products at an affordable price, crafted with the highest botanical integrity straight to your door. And the company says it believes in “the potency of a human-to-human connection” and so they are always available via phone or web to answer questions.

Nice Guys is a family-owned cannabis delivery service located in Marin County. They maintain an extensive and unique menu catering to their customers’ needs and preferences, with service dedicated to educating and guiding their members in their search for the benefits of cannabis.

Delivers to: San Francisco, Peninsula

Proven offers both medical and recreational marijuana delivery in San Francisco and the Peninsula. They offer free delivery within SF and even provide 20% off of any first time order.

Delivers to: San Francisco, Peninsula, East Bay, Marin

Delivering both in California and Nevada, Puffy is not just your average third-party delivery service extending the reach of a brick-and-mortar marijuana store in SF. The service offers a range of products and brands, including edibles from Diamonds and LOL Edibles, vapes and cartridges from Dosists and Flav, as well as concentrates, flower, and CBD products.

Purple Star
Delivers to: San Francisco, Peninsula, Marin

Purple Star is a cannabis store located in the Mission, providing both medical and recreational marijuana. Following a banner of “Healing is our Mission,” Purple Star proudly contributes to local nonprofits.

Delivers to: San Francisco, Peninsula, East Bay, Marin, San Jose

Bud strives to be the Bay Area’s most recognized name in weed delivery. Serving up locally-sourced, top-shelf flower, oils, pods, and more, Bud made its first fully California legal delivery in January 2018, but it had already gained some notoriety when its owner (blogger Justin Hall) famously turned down an offer by Budweiser® to buy the “” URL back in 1994. Bud has been growing rapidly, now delivering to Marin / the North Bay, SF, the Peninsula, Oakland / the East Bay, San Jose, and Sacramento.

SF Green Delivery
Delivers to: San Francisco

SF Green Delivery can discreetly deliver a suite of marijuana products to your door. Their products range from indoor to outdoor, cheap to expensive, and edibles to vapes. And they’re known for their friendly service and reliable delivery times.

WeedHub Cannabis Delivery
Delivers to: San Francisco, Peninsula, East Bay

WeedHub is a craft cannabis delivery team, and it is employee-owned — a fact which they say makes their customer service best-in-class. WeedHub believes that the commoditization of marijuana goes against the origins of the plant. As such, they offer price-match guarantees and ensure that they are supporting local suppliers, giving you a great selection and knowledge that you also support California’s marijuana industry.


The above list includes Marijuana Delivery Companies that SFist believes continually provides superior services. In some cases, they are among the most successful cannabis delivery teams in San Francisco. In some cases, variable, sponsorship listing fees effect the ranking position of the “Featured” businesses, but every company has a history of providing great services. To learn more about SFist’s classifieds listings read more here.

These 18 cannabis delivery companies provide curated marijuana product menus, ranging from THC to CBD & from flower to edibles, directly to your door.