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20L Bubble Pot DWC R

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Recirculating Deep Water Culture Systems
Now growers can have both power and control with our new recirculating Bubble Pot DWC-R system. By super-oxygenating the root zone and recirculating the nutrient solution this system delivers incredible results.

Reliable, easy to use and maintain. With no waste and little growing medium required.

Bubble Pot DWC-R ensures that pH and EC levels remain consistently stable across the entire syste, due to the unique combination of a drain pump and a self-leveling float system.

– Maximum nutrient update

– Rapid root zone formation

– Automated drain & return system

– Proven DWC results

– Greater pathogen resistance

Bubble Pot DWC-R

The Basement Lighting DWC-R system provides a growing technique where large vibrant plants can be grown in only 1 litre of clay pebbles [clay
included]. This is because the plants are supported in heavy duty net pots that are suspended over a heavily oxygenated nutrient solution.
This is known as DWC – deep water culture – or bubble pots.

This method is a super effective and efficient way of growing big strong plants with the only consideration being the maintenance of pH and EC
level in the individual pots. This can be tricky and time consuming, however the is overcome with our DWC-R recirculating pot system!

This kit is available in a number of sizes and is completely modular. Pots can be added or removed to your requirement with a minimum of fuss.

The timer on the central control pot activates and controls the return pump. Pumping nutrients solution out of the system and returning it to
the reservoir remixing and filtering it on it’s way back to the pots. A simple float valve on the control pot shuts off the flow when the
correct level is reached in every pot. This process can be repeated as often as required to achieve uniform pH & EC readings.

Across the system all nutrient adjustment and addition is done at the reservoir and returns evenly distributed to each pot. Our DWC-R are both
easy to assemble and maintain.

Kits come in a variety of sizes:

6 – 8 – 10 – 12 – 16 – 20 – 24

Kit contents:
  • 90l- 225L tank
  • 1 x timed control pots
  • 1 moulded T piece per pot
  • 1 connecting gland per pot
  • 6-24 20 Litre bubble pots
  • 1 x 2 inch ball air stone per pot
  • Flexi-pipe
  • 1 x flow control tap
  • Air pump

Deep water culture (DWC Hydroponics), whilst being on growers must try list, for many has become their most preferred method of growing. Compared to other systems Deep Water Culture (DWC Hydroponics) is very effective whilst being great value for money.

How does DWC work?

As the name implies the plants sit above, whilst the roots are constantly submerged in a deep water nutrient solution. This is made possible by pumping a constant flow of defused air through the nutrient solution in each individual pot.

PH and EC testing and control can be time consuming and laborious as the readings tend to fluctuate between each individual pot. These and other concerns including basic maintenance and keeping the pots fresh and pathogen free is all but eliminated by not only pumping air through but by constant or timed nutrient re-circultation.

The DWC-R and Root Rapid deep water culture hydroponics systems offer growers the power and control to easily overcome potential problems and drawbacks. These systems, by not only oxygenating the nutrient solution, but by either timed or constant nutrient circultation combined with constant filtering maintain uniform PH/EC readings in every pot allowing you to get a complete system overview by taking readings from either the control pot or the nutrient tank.

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6 Pot, 8 Pot, 10 Pot, 12 Pot, 14 Pot, 16 Pot, 18, 20 Pot, 24 Pot, 36 Pot, 48 Pot

Basement Lighting Grow Lights, Grow Tents and Hydroponic Systems 20L Bubble Pot DWC R Description Additional information Description Recirculating Deep Water Culture

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Grow Lights, Grow Tents and Hydroponic Systems

Bubble Pot Growing System

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A great automated pot based growing system! Experience massive growth, flowering and fruiting potential.
The bubblepot system is a deep-water-culture modular growing system. This system has automatic nutrient water top up and water level management, for the ultimate in root mass, explosive growth and healthy plants,by delivering massive amounts of oxygen directly to the root chamber.

Each pot holds one plant in clay pebbles. The rest of the pot contains nutrient solution that is automatically topped up by the larger reservoir. This solution is aerated by an air stone. This creates an environment rich in oxygen, leading to massive root and plant growth in a shorter time period. The pots never overflow, and remain at a constant water level. Each pot is supplied from the larger reservoir by a pump. New nutrient solution should be added at the central reservoir.

The system comes partly assembled with easy to follow instructions. All required equipment is supplied. Every system comes with clay pebbles, which can be washed and reused, if required.

Each bubble pot has 20 litre capacity. Pots can be arranged in different configurations to suit any growing area.

Use a 400w/600w light with 4/6 pot systems, a 600w light with a 10 pot system & 2 x 600w lights with a 20 pot system.

Manufacturer’s Info:

Pure hydroponics in action.

This system delivers outstanding and virtually unbeatable results through both vegetative growth and flowering phase of your desired plant.
This is a modular system which starts with a single stand alone BubblePot and grows with your gardening needs.

The BubblePot system consists of a Back-up Reservoir and Head Tank, this maintains the water/nutrient levels across the complete system and also has an adjustable control to individually fine tune the system to your own personal requirements. All the BubblePots are connected on a continuous loop system via 19mm flexible non-kink smooth bore pipe. The plants themselves are supported in extremely strong, top quality net pots with clay pebbles and suspended directly into the root / nutrient chamber, this chamber is agitated and oxygenated with massive amounts of air delivered from quiet running high output multi-manifold airpumps. This oxygen ensures huge root growth and the healthiest roots achievable, and remember healthy roots mean healthy plants and higher yields! With a huge healthy root system the plant will want for nothing and all nutrients and additives are absorbed directly into the plant without allowing any unwanted nutrient salts to build up in the growing medium.

This system is possibly the most easy to use and awesome grow system for plants of any size.

Try the BubblePot system and be amazed by the true power of hydroponics.

All BubblePot systems consist of:

Reservoir and stand, Head Tank, BubblePots, Pipework, Fittings and compression glands, Airline and airstones, Airpump, Netpots, clay pebbles.

4 Pot version pictured above.

Available in a number of configurations; 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 32 & 40 pot systems.

Pot dimensions:
  • Height: 22cm
  • Width: 28cm
  • Length: 28cm
  • Volume: 20 Litres

Ring for info & prices on even larger systems.

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4 Pot, 6 Pot, 8 Pot, 10 Pot, 12 Pot, 16 Pot, 20 Pot, 32 Pot, 40 Pot

Basement Lighting Grow Lights, Grow Tents and Hydroponic Systems Bubble Pot Growing System Description Additional information Description A great automated pot based