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Tips for growing Bruce Banner cannabis

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Strain Overview: Bruce Banner from Delta 9 Labs is a hybrid strain that crosses OG Kush with Strawberry Diesel. It produces a balance of fruity and earthy Kush flavors, while offering a well-balanced high that starts heavy and lingers lightly.

Grow Techniques: OG genetics keep this strain short and bushy, making it great for filling your grow space through a SOG (sea of green) or SCROG (screen of green) method. Grow hydroponically or in soil while topping the plant early to promote multiple top colas. Clear off lower fan leaves and small buds to help the canopy swell.

Flowering Time: 9 weeks

Yield: Moderate to high

Grow Difficulty: Moderate

Climate: Bruce Banner can take colder temperatures than most, but keeping this strain content is key to its quality yield. Indoors, protect the buds by keeping humidity down, and outdoors, plant in areas free of fall rains. This hybrid performs best in temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Indoor/Outdoor: Bruce Banner grows well in either indoor or outdoor gardens.

Feeding: Start off with above-average helpings of nitrogen and CalMag, then top-dress with phosphorus-heavy nutrients for flowering if growing in soil. Foliar spray with compost tea to help prevent powdery mildew if growing outside.

Learn more about growing the Bruce Banner cannabis strain including flowering time, ideal climate, and training techniques.

Bruce Banner Seeds – Bruce Banner Strain Grow

Bruce Banner seeds are available from Dark Horse Genetics. They have embarked on a breeding project to deliver the original cup winning Bruce Banner 3 in seed form. Lineage:OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel

I just purchased a pack of Bruce Banner seeds which is labeled as Bruce Banner 2.0 (Bruce Banner BX2). I received 12 seeds and germinated them. The pack says “For souvenir purposes ONLY – Dark Horse Genetics are not to be germinated anywhere.” Luckily I don’t live “anywhere”. I live in Washington. I am happy to say within 48 hours all 12 had cracked and had tails. Here is how I germinate weed seeds:

Before I start my grow journal I thought I would share some background info on the Bruce Banner strain. So following is some background info on this strain from their website:

Original Bruce Banner. This is the original cross that created Bruce Banner. Same female. Same male. The outstanding BB3 and BB5 phenos were found in less than a dozen of these seeds. Now these legendary seeds are finally unleashed en masse to the public. Expect outstanding flavor and unrivaled potency and resin production.
More on the Bruce Banner

Dark Horse Genetics – Bruce Banner 1.0 Aka: Bruce Banner BX 2.0
Strain: Bruce Banner 1.0
Breeder: Dark Horse Genetics
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: mostly indica

70 days
No feminized seeds.
Here is some more information about the Bruce Banner story, how it was created and its genetics:

There isn’t a lot of info about Bruce Banner strain grows online, mostly smoke reports, but I did find one Bruce Banner grow:

Bruce Banner Seeds – Bruce Banner 2.0 Grow Journal

So Bruce Banner 2.0 is making its debut. These seeds are ready to hit the coco!

I decided that I was going to try growing Bruce Banner in rockwool cubes instead of coco. So after setting the sprouts in coco I removed them and washed the roots clean.

Some roots were fairly long already, even though they were only in cups for 3 days. So there was a bit of transplant shock.

I cut the rockwool in half and put the roots in them and they fit snugly inside the tray. The first leaves are looking crappy but there is new white root growth coming out of the blocks and the next set of leaves look healthy and green. All twelve seedlings should be just fine and the new rooting will help hold the cubes together.

The other group of seeds in the tray are Cookies and Cream from Exotic Genetix at 3 days.

Bruce Banner Seeds 21 Days

Sometimes a grower cant make up his mind! I ended up potting these Bruce Banner seeds back into coco again which probably set them back about a week or so.

I have been having some problems with pythium now that it is warm, and plants seem to better in coco than rockwool. Mostly cleared up from previous grows but there are still a few spores floating around, although I am winning the war.

I just moved these plants under 12/12 lighting so I can sex them. Right now I am short on space and between the Bruce Banner and the Cookies and Cream I am growing I have 24 plants.

I dont like to crowd things so hopefully getting rid of the males will save space. I am not in a hurry to run these so after the males are gone I will reveg them and take cuttings. So here they are at about 21 days. There is 1 runt but overall they dont look bad and they were just fed so they will start greening up.

Bruce Banner Sexed

So after 10 days under 12/12 lighting I was able to sex my Bruce Banner seeds. I have 10 girls which is phenomenal with 12 seeds. It is early still and there is 1 that looks like it could go either way but even if that happens the m/f ratio on these beans was great.

For the most part they are tall and leggy like an OG but there are a few smaller shorter phenos too. I am going to move them back into my veg tent in the next few days and I will take some clones of them too.

Bruce Banner Seeds Day 1 Of Flower

Today is day 1 of flower for my Bruce Banner seeds. These are the original seed plants after going under 12/12 for sexing and then reveg. They were transferred from coco solo cups into 6 inch net pots filled with rockwool croutons.

I have clones taken from these girls so this is basically a shake down run. I think there are 3 basic phenotypes in this mix. A tall OG leaning towards the original Bruce Banner, a medium pheno that leans more towards an OG/ Strawberry Diesel mix and there appears to be a 3rd phenotype that is much smaller than the other 2.

They are looking pretty healthy all things considered and this will be their first full day of 12/12 lighting.

I am planning to run them in a modified flood and drain/nft system. My plan is to put them on a spreader mat and cover the plants with panda film.

This will allow the roots to stay dark and moist and grow into the mat. The plants should be able to grow a much larger root mass than in standard or even smart pots and hopefully this will equate to higher yields.

I am waiting for my OG Kush ladies to finish up over the next 2 weeks as they flush. Then these BB girls can have the tray to themselves and I can put the cover on it. Meanwhile I will be hand feeding them at 600 ppm as the others flush.

Bruce Banner Clones

While these seedling girls are in veg I also took clones of them. It’s not unusual for clones to be different than the seed plants they came from so I also take clones from them. These clones rooted for me in 8 days.

Then the seed girls are a shakedown run for me. They help give me an idea which plants are likely to be the best keepers. In this case I have 10 girls and I can only keep 1 or 2 at most if I decide a strain is worth running again. I am pretty sure I will be running Bruce Banner more than once.

Bruce Banner 2.0 Week 1

The Bruce Banner seeds just finished their first week under 12/12 lighting. Some plants are already starting to show preflowers. They are being top fed right now at 600 ppm.

Once the table clears in the next week to 10 days they will be fed with flood and drain with a spreader mat underneath them. The top will be covered with panda film allowing the roots to spread out and grow much more. Here is a couple of pics:

Bruce Banner Flowering Delayed

I have decided to delay flowering these girls. I am concerned because they started flowering before the sized up. Maybe this was a result of putting them in 12/12 to sex them and not giving enough time for them to totally reveg.

So I moved in 2 Gorilla Glue #4 plants that outgrew their veg area instead. If you want to follow that grow it’s at

Meanwhile I am vegging the clones I took from them and they will be going in after the Glue is done. Right now even the clones I took are flowering but hopefully 2 months of veg time should cure that.

Bruce Banner 2.0 Week 1 Flowering For Real This Time

After a long delay by Bruce Banner 2.0 is finally in my grow closet under 12/12 lighting. The clones I took are about 18 to 24 inches tall and stretch on these ladies is supposed to be up to 200%. So I am expecting 6′ tall plants from the taller phenos.

I have 10 girls in my 2×4 flood tray. They are sitting on a spreader mat with a panda film covering. Watering times are 1 minute every 2 hours.

I am using Heavy 16 Bud A&B along with Fire and Humboldts Secret Golden Tree the current pH is 5.8 and ppms are 560.

Lighting is 750w of 3500k COB LEDs and par readings above the plants right now are at about 650 µmol

Here is a video made on day 1 of 12/12:

Bruce Banner 2.0 Day 7 And Flubber From La Plata Labs

The Bruce Banner is at day 7 and already showing several different phenos. Some of the largest plants from seed are much smaller as clones. That is why I like to do a pheno hunt from cuttings. In my experience clones of seed plants can grow quite differently as clones.

There are 10 girls but one is a runt and I dont expect it to do much. One girl #5 is a monster and #1 is looking good too. The rest are shorter and I guess will lean more to the Strawberry Diesel side.

I also brought in a Flubber from La Plata Labs at about day 55. It was overgrown by my OGs and did not get much light so I am sure it is smaller than it should be. It has really nice looking trichome development and looks like it will make some nice bud in spite of all its abuse.

Not too much to show this early except for the Flubber. Here are some pics for you:

Bruce Banner seeds are from from Dark Horse Genetics. They are running a breeding project to deliver the original cup winning Bruce Banner 3 in seed form.