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Brothers Grimm Seeds

Brothers Grimm Seeds was founded in 1996, when arrangements were made though Canadian seed reseller Heaven’s Stairway to distribute cannabis strains created by MrSoul and partner Sly. Known for selectively backcrossing, cubing and inbreeding some of the rarest of cannabis genetics on earth, Brothers Grimm became known for uncompromising quality & for producing genetic stability, high potency, short flowering times, heavy resin production, and intensely tropical terpenes.

In 2002, the company abruptly closed due to security concerns. For many years after our seeds were no longer available, growers either jealously guarded their favorite clone mothers or shared them with their friends to keep them alive. Some breeders famously used our Cinderella & Apollo to create new hybrids as well as breeding filial generations as far out as F5.

MrSoul waited more than a decade to retrieve the precious clones and seeds he’d stashed safely away. In 2015, he met Duke Diamond and together they developed a concrete plan to resurrect Brothers Grimm in Colorado. The combination of these two breeders’ abilities, along with a deep reservoir of unique cannabis cultivars, is the foundation of our company.

It’s been a long time coming, and lot of work, but we’re overjoyed to have Brothers Grimm Seeds back. Their faithful followers can be assured that their tradition of stability and reliability continues with the re-release of Cinderella and Apollo lines as well as strains developed in new breeding programs. Selectively combining cultivars, according to strict genetic principles, Brothers Grimm provide the finest cannabis genetics available.

Brothers Grimm Seeds Brothers Grimm Seeds was founded in 1996, when arrangements were made though Canadian seed reseller Heaven’s Stairway to distribute cannabis strains created by MrSoul and

Brothers Grimm Seeds

Brothers Grimm Seeds was established by MrSoul and his partner Sly in 1996. It was resurrected after 12 years break. Brothers Grimm became known for its quality, stable, effective cannabis genetics.

The strains have fast flowering and high resin production. Selectively combining genetics, according to strict genetic principles, Brothers Grimm Seeds provides the best cannabis available today.

Brothers Grimm crosses a male and female according the breeding plan and thinks in advance about what characteristics they want to get.

The main characteristics that Brothers Grimm Seeds chooses for its breeding programs:

  • Compact overall plant structure
  • Dense budding
  • Fast-flowering
  • No hermaphroditism
  • High resin production
  • Intense psychoactivity
  • Unique palette of terpenes

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UPDATE june 15.
Durban Thai Cindy 99

When I smell her I can so easily imagine what its like to sniff petrol. She has a very intense diesel/pine smell. You might recoil. Its pleasant though. A bit medicinal.

Very trippy effects, Energizing. good for the evening as well as the day. Good with a view. Strong strong effects.

Update May 28.
Vaping May 2 harvest after 5 days of drying. Mason-jarred at 64%. RH holding at 64% 3 weeks later. My version of dankness.
I think Cindy showed me what psychedelics mean with pot. You think you are totally lucid even when completely bent.

One of the nicest plants I have grown so far. Great structure and calyx to leaf ratio. Both Cindy and DTCindy frost up nicely. The stone is intense, creative, and mind-bending. This run, while not impressive for reasons previously discussed, produced results of a higher quality than the last run. A good strain for the experienced user as the ceiling is not that evident. You can enjoy getting higher and higher until at some point you just fall over. I would grow these strains again and probably will. Lots of notable breeders have used Cindy for breeding. If you are keen to try your hand, this is the strain to use. Check my previous run to see a more representative expression of this princess of pot.
Happy growing all..

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