bog seeds sour bubble

Bog seeds sour bubble

Blue Kush (Blue Moon Rocks x Bog’s Sour Bubble)

Blue Kush is also called “BLUSH” because the praise it has received does make me blush. It is a variant of BMR with my Sour Bubble crossed in. It could be called Sour Blue Moon Rocks. This strain finishes faster than BMR and it’s really a fine product if a bit less yielding. I prefer the taste to BMR because a sour taste is combined. Mainly for indoor grows due to fast flowering. It can flower in the spring if planted from clone outdoors so use a seed, if grown outside. It is also very beautiful. pungent and potent for certain. One of my sour strains. Flavorful and Smooth.

Flowering Time: 49 – 55 days

Blue Moon Rocks (aka BMR)

This is my legendary, heavy yielding blueberry type. It has Blue Moon and my Bubblegum in it, making it a bubbleberry strain. This strain is very pungent, mostly indica, lavender to blueberry smelling buds and beautiful as far as bag appeal. A stout bush that yields well with a great relaxing high. Potency is high and these seeds are very stable. They work very well in or outdoors. For Blueberry Lovers, Aromatic, Stout Bush

Mostly Indica
Flowering Time: 50-55 days
Yields Well
Relaxed High

BOG Bubble (Bubblegum)

BOG Bubble is my original pure Bubblegum strain. This very frosty strain has been my favorite for a long time. A true bubblegum smell and flavor, the smoke is very smooth. Bred from a bubba/kush, the bubba side was isolated. A long lasting and happy high. A great outdoor strains that flowers early and yields well with great taste.​

Flowering Time: 45 – 50 days

Bogglegum (BOG Bubble x Northern Lights #5)

Bogglegum is an old strain of mine that just last year won the 2011 SF High Times Med Cup, best indica! It has always been my easiest strain to grow. Great for beginner growers and for outdoor growers who have mold or cold problems. It’s very hardy, fast, mold resistant, large yielding with many branches and many smaller colas. It has a bubblegum taste with a slightly mentholated tinge from the NL5. That’s the antifreeze in it. I highly recommend everyone try this for outdoors.​

Flowering Time: 44 – 48 days

Lifesaver (BOG Bubble x Jacks Cleaner x Blueberry)

Lifesaver is another early BOG Strain that has incredible genetics. Lifesaver has a candy taste like a roll of lifesaver candy and it is very medical like my Sour Bubble. This strain is completely unique in my line up with a rare Jack’s Cleaner crossed to a nice yielding blueberry. I realized the numbing effects early on when my teeth numbed after smoking some. I had forgotten to take my pain meds and I had no pain. A great yielding indoor plant and a huge monster when grown outdoors.​ Potent, Relaxing, Good Pain Killer,Sleep Aid, and Good Yielder.

Flowering Time: 45- 55 days

Lifestar (BOG Lifesaver x Sensi Star)

Orange and Lemon flavors with large yields. Good Outdoors, can take high sun & heat areas, resists humidity well. Lots of Head and Mood Elevation, daytime high. Great Medical strain.

Flowering Time: 63-70 days, if outdr: Mid-End Oct

LSD (BOG Lifesaver x NY City Diesel)

A sativa sided hybrid that veggies fast and can produce huge yields outdoors. A very up and soaring sativa high with lemony flavor. Takes a bit longer to finish outdoors, but is mold resistant.​ Bud, Up High with Trippy Quality.

Flowering Time: 55 – 65 days

Sour Boggle (BOG Bogglegum x BOG Sour Bubble)

A new improved version of my Bogglegum that was crossed to my Sour Bubble. This remains a tasty, high yielder like Bogglegum, but the potency is way up with the Sour Bubble. A very tasty strain for indoors or out. This strain has a grape bubba kush flavor.​ High Yielding and Tasty Bush, Orange and Grape Flavors.

Flowering Time: 50 – 60 days

Sour Bubble

This is a very tight indica bud that runs 25% THC and up, with long lasting pain relief and a relaxing high. Tastes like lemon/lime bubba kush. Much faster flowering than others of the kush strains at 8 weeks flowering indoors. Best indoor strain but great outdoors too, but can be prone to mold in wet, humid climates.​

Flowering Time: 49 – 55 days

Sour Grape (BOG Grape Punch x BOG Sour Bubble)

Sour Grape a new and very exciting version of Grape Punch. It really adds some great flavor to a very potent Grape Punch. The taste is very grape and can smell like a fine red wine when cured. Does well indoors or outdoors and flowers fast.​ A Purple Indica Bud, Smells like Fine Wine,Very Potent and Tight.

Flowering Time: 55 – 60 days

Sour Lifesaver (BOG Lifesaver x Sour Bubble)

Sour Lifesaver makes the old med strain even better. Yields are less but still very good and this strain is great indoors. It is as potent as Sour Bubble if you get a good pheno and that is really easy. A very tight indica bud that may be prone to mold outside in wet areas. The product is tasty and similar to Sour Bubble. Many have tested this relatively new strain and were very impressed. I am proud to offer you this superb strain. Med users should really try this strain. Easy to grow.
Medical Quality, Tight budded Indica with Great Taste and Potency.

Flowering Time: 48 – 53 days

Sour LSD (BOG LSD x BOG Sour Bubble)

Sour L.S.D. my L.S.D. X with my Sour Bubble tends toward the indica side compared to L.S.D. Shorter fat bushes with huge fat colas outdoors. Very potent, less mold resistant than L.S.D., but finishes faster. Great for greenhouse grows.​ A Potent, Large Cola Bush, Great Yields,
Wicked High.

Flowering Time: 60 – 65 days

Sour Strawberry (Sour Bubble x Strawberry Cough, Razz & ECSD)

Sour Strawberry has incredible genetics. It has more strawberry flavor than any strawberry type I have tried and you don’t have to cough to taste it. You will cough though because I crossed the Strawberry Kush clone to my Sour Bubble and then I did it again in a similar manner to Sour Bubble. I pushed her back to my Sour Bubble side and still has all the strawberry taste. The Strawberry Kush clone I received from some really fine Humboldt cloners has East Coast Sour Diesel crossed to Strawberry Cough and it also had the Razz already in it. You can see the dark burgundy in each bud. The taste was superb but it was a bit loose and it could use more potency so I sourized it. You gotta try this shit. Best indoors but tasty either way and its not the biggest yielder when grown outside because its really fast flowering. Mold resistant.​ Strong Strawberry Flavor and Smell.

Flowering Time: 50 – 60 days

Sweet and Sour Cindy (BOG Sweet Cindy x BOG Sour Bubble)

Taking thegrapefruit Sweet Cindy pheno crossed to a nice Sour Bubble Male. Good for indoors or outdoors. Great yielding with a tasty flavor. A
compact indica sided bush that yields well. Tight frosty buds with a
nice balanced Sativa/Indica High.

Flowering Time: 52 – 60 days, if outdr: Oct 05-10

Bog seeds sour bubble Blue Kush (Blue Moon Rocks x Bog’s Sour Bubble) Blue Kush is also called “BLUSH” because the praise it has received does make me blush. It is a variant of BMR with