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Strain Review: Blood Orange Tangie by Benson Elvis

What’s the best tasting strain you’ve ever had? Blood Orange Tangie by @benson.elvis that I picked up at @Green.Therapy.i5.Eugene is definitely a top contender for me.

Blood Orange Tangie Strain Review

Also known as Purple Tangie, this award-winning flower possesses one of the most terpene-rich profiles I’ve ever tasted. With it’s sweet citrus and blossoming lavender aroma, Blood Orange Tangie is becoming one of the most desired strains in the entire state. This super tasty Sativa-Hybrid is a cross between Cali Orange and Appalachia, and has some of the most colorful buds I’ve ever seen. Grinding these beauties up almost felt sacrilegious, but they released an aroma so intense it almost made my eyes water!

I love this strain for it’s energetic properties which currently makes it my favorite Wake and Bake strain. It’s not one of those super euphoric sativas that will melt your mind, but more of an uplifting, energizing strain that’s not overbearing. I love that I’m able to stay lifted but able to concentrate and still get everything done throughout my day. Blood Orange Tangie by Benson Elvis has blown me away and is one of my favorite sativas of all time! Be sure to ask your local Oregon dispensary when this highly coveted strain will be available again- You definitely don’t wanna miss this one!

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