black harlequin

Black Harlequin (Sensi Seeds) feminized

Black Harlequin hails from impressive, award-winning parentage. Yet, this indica-dominant CBD-heavy strain has many exciting quirks even her ancestors can’t offer. So, if you are searching for a soothing smoke to relax with at the end of a long day, Black Harlequin will provide the goods.

Black Harlequin (Sensi Seeds) feminized
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Sensi Seeds – Black Harlequin: Soothing Sensations And Full Flavour

Black Harlequin is one of the latest CBD-rich offerings from Sensi Seeds. She was made by crossing Harlequin and Black Domina, the latter of which is a Cannabis Cup winner. The result is something very special indeed. Black Harlequin is an indica-dominant hybrid that’s sure to be one of your favourite strains as soon as you try it.

Black Harlequin offers a painless growing experience. She is medium-sized and reaches, on average, a height of 150cm both indoors and outdoors. She’ll be ready to harvest after a flowering period of 9 weeks indoors, and her outdoor harvest time is around early October. You can expect huge yields from her, too. She provides up to 600g/m² indoors and up to 800g/plant outdoors.

Whether smoked or vaped, Black Harlequin boasts huge flavours and aromas. Take one sniff and you’ll be met with rich, fruity, and earthy smells with an undercurrent of floral notes. The initial taste is similar; she offers a robust and earthy hit that’s tasty without being overpowering. Piney and fruity flavours arrive fashionably late to round out the experience.

THC purists (read: stoners) may not favour the heavy CBD content. However, she is not a write-off by any means. Black Harlequin, in fact, has a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC, making for a relaxing smoke that puts all who try her at ease. Even if you’re just trying to get high, she has plenty to offer when included in a smoke or vape session. Her earthy flavours and aromas are second to none, and you can enjoy them at any time of day. Whether you’re all about CBD or a tried and true stoner, it’s worth picking up these seeds!

Get ready to experience Black Harlequin, a CBD-rich strain with a clarifying, soothing effect that you can enjoy anywhere, anytime. Get the seeds here!

Black Harlequin (aka Sensi #1318 CBD)

Black Harlequin (aka Sensi #1318 CBD) by Sensi Seeds is a feminised CBD-rich variety, an Indica/Sativa cross between Harlequin and Black Domina.

Black Harlequin: Harlequin x Black Domina

On the one hand, Harlequin is characterised by a high CBD level with a THC:CBD 1:1 ratio, and a sweet pineapple aroma combined with musk, wild berries and Nepalese brown hash notes. It is ideal for therapeutic use to fight pain, anxiety, nausea, stress, etc.

On the other hand, Black Domina, an Indica dominant variety highly appreciated in Europe for its powerful relaxing effect and sweet aroma. It was created from the best Sensi Seeds Indica genetic lines, it is one of the most remarkable Afghan plants.

Black Harlequin growth

Its indoor cultivation is easy to manage, obtaining quality plants without much care. It adapts well to different techniques, whether hydroponic growing systems or conventional cultivation. It responds well to pruning and trellising thus SOG and SCROG techniques are advisable.

Cultivated outdoors in the open ground we can obtain large-sized plants, starting in early spring when temperatures soften. If we prefer medium-sized plants, we can start cultivation in the middle of spring.

Black Harlequin flowering

Sensi #1318 CBD has a flowering period of about 9 weeks, with an abundant yield of up to 550g per m2 cultivated indoors. Outdoors, the harvest is ready in mid-October with a yield that can exceed 800g per plant. It produces large buds covered with a thick resin layer flooding all its flowers.

Since it contains higher CBD levels than THC, it has a null or very limited psychoactive effect. It is ideal for those who wish to consume cannabis and enjoy the CBD properties during the day without feeling any psychedelic THC effect.

Sensi #1318 terpene profile is composed of aromas inherited from its ancestors, combining sweet Black Domina notes with a fruity hash flavour.

Sensi Seeds Black Harlequin is a feminised CBD-rich variety, a cross between Harlequin x Black Domina.