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Betel leaf is one of the most attractive and easy-to-grow Ayurvedic plants. It thrives in low light and standing water so it’s the perfect choice even for people who aren’t gardeners.

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A gorgeous plant that thrives in low light and tolerates soggy feet, betel plant (Piper betel) — is also known as paan. Betel leaf is an important plant in the Ayurvedic tradition. It is typically recommended as a stimulant, a general health tonic and as a breath freshener. Betel plant also plays an important role in Indian culture, and Hindus often wrap money in betel leaves before giving it to their priests.

Betel leaf is traditionally served after Indian meals because it is believed to help digest curried food and act as a mouth freshener. The leaves can be wrapped around spices like cardamom, anise, lime paste, or grated coconut. Since toothpicks are a relatively new invention, Indians traditionally seal the wrapped betel leaf with a clove.

Betel leaf is a vine so it can be grown to climb up a tree or fence during the summer, or be trained to spill over the edge of a pot in a hanging basket. It grows rapidly but appears to grow most quickly in the warm temperatures and long days of summer. Betel leaf will need protection from freezing temperatures but is an extremely attractive house plant with large heart-shaped, glossy leaves.

It’s also easy to root and share. Just place a node on very wet dirt, make a clip (we straighten out an old paperclip) to hold it in place. Leave it for a few weeks, then cut the rooted leaf off its mother. You also can make a big bushy plant using the same technique in a shallow bowl, particularly if you use the plant as a centerpiece or as a part of your meal.

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29 reviews for Betel Plant

Ourbox4ang – July 22, 2017

Beautiful, healthy full sized plant with vine already started. Arrived perfectly packaged for shipment and full page of instructions and tips 😉 I hope your green friends like it here as I plan to order more plants. Thank you for the samples, I think I like the neem toothpowder very much!

rangwalafk – November 30, 2017

A good size plant with three separate rooted stems. Great value! Came with a sample of toothpowder. Thank you Neem Tree Farms.

ksahana – December 14, 2017

Although description said Paan, I was skeptical while ordering but when the plant arrived I was relieved. Looks like a well grown and pruned plant. Was impressed with their note on plants care. Thanks for the freebies!!

shwet146 – April 18, 2018

The Paan vine is healthy and good sized. Very happy with the product.

Judy – May 10, 2018

As usual; very pleased. Plant is doing well. Glad instructions came with it.

suparna13 – May 29, 2018

Plant arrived in good condition and is doing well in its new hanging planter. I too appreciate the instructions that came with it. Thank you!

bheemudeepa – June 5, 2018

I received the plant after 6-8 days of my order, as soon as it received we noticed that plant is not healthy. We followed every instruction to make it healthier. But after 10 days it most died.

I don’t recommend to a friend.

sabeen – June 17, 2018

It arrived very distraught &
Died within a week even though I tried my best to save it. Do you guys offer replacements? I was looking forward to having pan plant at home 🙁
Thanks a bunch

bnmodi5 – June 27, 2018

Plant arrived on time and nicely packed. It came with instructions which helped.
Plant is healthy and doing good.
Happy with my plant. Thanks.

nitingautam.usa – July 7, 2018

Initially due to USPS mishandling it was almost broken plant but Neem Farm tree team really very helpful and they dispatched new one which surprisingly again mishandled by USPS more badly but due to the size of plant being little small survived.

I am in touch with team to get information on how to take care.

Team support is gr8.

pavan.hp – September 25, 2018

The plant is in great condition, but the USPS hasnt handled the package nicely. They almost, destroyed the plant. Thank you Neem tree farm.

krishkavi – July 31, 2019

I ordered two plants two weeks ago. Very nicely packed and arrived on time as they promised. I was expecting a small tiny plant but I am very happy and surprised with the plant. Beautiful, healthy full sized plant. I have to wait and see how they grow. Thank you.

ananthg – March 24, 2020

The plant arrived is a good condition. There was slight damage to the box and it appeared that someone (possibly at the postal services) wanted to look inside. Anyway, the plant I got is a well established and thriving even during transit. Plant also got quite a few new leaves within a week of getting it. Will definitely buy again from Neem Tree

Barinder Ahluwalia – May 13, 2020

This was my third Betal plant supplier; the plants shipped by them were the best I received so far, excellently packaged with minute details. Would certainly recommend them to anyone. Please follow the soil and location conditions supplied with the order.

sridevi vytla – May 24, 2020

Very happy with my purchase, Plant arrived in healthy and good condition. I would definitely recommend to others to purchase this plant.

Sivakumar Jeyarajan – May 25, 2020

This was my second Betel plant from supplier; the plants was received little dry due to COVID-19.
Else the plant was fine. Would certainly recommend them to anyone.
I can give more than 5 stars.

lanadland – June 3, 2020

I received the plant withing the estimated delivery days. The plant was in a great shape and well attached to the box inside. Thank you! The plant is doing well weeks after delivery!

Dhananjay Dalal – June 4, 2020

I live in the Bay Area, California. I was a little nervous about ordering live agricultural items on the web, and California’s strict laws of transporting/shipping plants into the state. Not only was the plant in good, fresh condition, but it arrived on-time, and in good shape! Very happy with the quick service, and of course, the plant itself! Thank you!

Stephanie – June 9, 2020

Healthy, gorgeous, undamaged plant upon arrival. Detailed instructions included. My betel is already growing strong and healthy. Excellent customer service too! Highly recommend this company and their live plants. Thank you so much!

pak056 – June 27, 2020

I have received a healthy Betel Leaf plant. Update you in 60 days about it’s growth. Thanks a lot.

Melodie Waldron – June 29, 2020

Very beautiful little plant. Incredibly well packed for shipping, arrived intact and happy. Would order live plants from here again for sure!

Indira Revi – July 12, 2020

Mishandled by the postal service, plant was not in good condition when it arrived. Talked to Vicky and I was sent a new plant which arrived intact and healthy. I am very glad that I purchased from Neem tree farms. Would recommend to my friends. Excellent customer service.

vandhana.prakash – July 29, 2020

Single rooted stem with minimal damage from shipping. Subtracting two stars due to the following reasons:
1. The instructions that come with the plant are incorrect. My plant almost died when I followed instructions (leave it in the nursery pot, put pot in 1/2 inch of standing water). After planting it in a well-draining potting mix, and putting it in outside shade, the plant is thriving.
2. Poor follow-up to emails sent. I reached out multiple times via the contact form, including photos, asking for help. I also sent direct email to Vicki. No response. Nada.
3. Didn’t deduct a star for this, but kind of weird – I had ordered two sets of seeds, as well as chosen another set of seeds for the “free sample”. Only two sets of seeds were included, and the free sample was cancelled because of the “two sets of seeds” policy. I got daikon radish seeds (100% germination :)) and everglades tomato seeds (0% germination :().

apatch0779 – August 28, 2020

This is not a Tulsi plant, it’s more of a basil. I received them but it was already half dead and then rest did shortly after.

Vicki – August 31, 2020

Can you send a photo? You should have gotten my cell phone number with the order to call about a problem.

krishna chaitanya Ghanta – September 15, 2020

Im not a paid reviewer,this is my honest review. Great purchase!! arrived in time,plant came healthy and fresh…no drooping…its been a week..yayy its growing…neem farms sells good stuff..highly recommend it

priya.macharla – September 16, 2020

I couldn’t thank enough you guys for sending the healthy betel plant.

1. I recieved the betel plant in priority shipping.
2. When I opened the box, i was super excited as it was a healthy more than 12 inches plant( i was expecting 3 or 4 inches).Packing is super awesome.
3. Just followed the instructions before transplanting as in your website

4. By 10 th day , i saw a baby leaf coming out( Super excited)

5. Customer service is super awesome , as They respond to your email promptly.

6. I recommended your site in many gardening groups whoever is looking for betel plant

7. I would 100% recommend anyone to buy plant from them.

Stephanie – September 19, 2020

Neem Tree Farms has the best customer service and I thank you for that. My Betel arrived beaten and abused by the post office; it didn’t survive this harsh treatment. Neem Tree Farms replaced it immediately (and sent a freebie sample of Neem anti itch oil—thanks!). My new plant is alive and thriving. I will continue to order their products— I love their soaps, Neem oil, Neem cream, Neem pesticide; needless to say I am a Neem freak and I love this company. Thank you all for your hard work and excellent customer service. A thousand good stars for you all!
PS. The Neem tree I bought from you early this spring is also thriving.
Thanks a million!

Betel plant is an important tradition in India and Southeast Asia — and one of the most easily grown and attractive plants in Ayurveda.

Betel leaf seeds for sale

A green leafy vine growing as a ground cover or small climber, very similar in growth habits to pepper.

Seed Availability

Seeds are not available for the Betel Leaf. Please visit our seed store to view current selections.


The betel leaf plant is a branching vine, that may climb as high as 10-15ft, although it often grows as an understory ground cover.


It is generally too tender to grow outside of the tropics.

Growing Environment

The plant prefers warm, humid conditions, but can tolerate some drought.


Usually propagated by divisions.

The betel leaf is used in a number of traditional remedies for the treatment of stomach ailments, infections, and as a general tonic. It is often chewed in combination with the betel nut (Areca catechu), as a stimulatory. Some evidence suggests that betel leaves have immune boosting properties as well as anti-cancer properties.

Native Range

Native to India.

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Betel leaf seeds for sale A green leafy vine growing as a ground cover or small climber, very similar in growth habits to pepper. Seed Availability Seeds are not available for the Betel