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Best time of year to cultivate marijuana

When we are looking for the best time of year to cultivate marijuana, we must think about what type of marijuana we want to cultivate and whether we want it to be an indoor or outdoor culture.

When it’s an indoor culture, it’s easier to control the atmospheric conditions, since we’re going to generate them ourselves. This way, the control will be much better and we will be able to regulate temperature of the room, hours of light that receives the plant and of course conditions of humidity.

That is why in this article we are going to focus on outdoor plants, whose cultivation is reduced to a few months a year so that the results obtained are as expected.

Best time of year to cultivate marijuana outdoors

Spring will undoubtedly be the best time to start cultivating marijuana. Like many other living beings, plants or animals, with the arrival of good weather, “come back to life” or begin to bloom.

That is why we must choose one of these months, from March to May, to plant our little seeds.

The month we choose will depend on the type of marijuana we want to cultivate. In this case, the size that each one of our plants will reach.

1- Plants of up to 1 meter

For relatively small plants weighing around 250 grams, it is best to germinate the seeds at the beginning of May. With this temperature and longer days and more light, the plants will grow stress-free and therefore more compact, while stronger. It is important to accompany these first weeks with fertilizers for the soil that provide nutrients. For example, you can use our algae concentrate-based fertilizer Caribbean Algae Soil&Air. For the few care required and the reduced cultivation time, around 3 / 4 months, is the perfect choice for those growing marijuana for the first time.

2- Plants of 2 meters

We can say that they are the most common plantations, although not for that reason the simplest. In this case, the best time of year to plant marijuana would be early March. The experts of those of “all the life” say that it is necessary to germinate the seeds with the first full moon of March. In this way, in the first days of the plant, it will have light day and night, solar and lunar.

Since the first days of March can be quite cold depending on the areas, what we recommend is to be a little cautious and wait a couple of weeks if we consider that the cold can damage our cultures. It is worth waiting a few days and in return, get better fruits at the time of harvest.

The process of growing plants of this size can take up to six months. And care will be essential during all of them. We recommend that you check our Growing Chart to find out which fertilizers are best suited to help your plants at each stage.

3- Super Plants

If you want to cultivate plants of more than 3 meters you should already have some experience. This type of cultivation is for seniors. The seeds should germinate at the beginning of the winter, December, so that in June they will be at their maximum splendor, full of branches of around two meters high and with a multitude of strong and robust buds. And of course, having to plant seeds in January, it is essential to have a greenhouse so that the plants do not grow outdoors. However, it is best to germinate the seeds at home and then transfer them to the greenhouse when they are beginning to grow.

These large plants are undoubtedly the most complex to take care of. And of course they will require some help that Madame Grow products can offer thanks to their wide range of fertilizers and 100% natural fertilizers.

At Madame Grow we are experts in organic biotechnology applied to the cultivation of marijuana or therapeutic cannabis. In addition to the blog, you can follow us in our Instagram account where we share more information about our activity and the world of marijuana.

When we are looking for the best time of year to cultivate marijuana, we must think about what type of marijuana we want to cultivate and whether we want it to be an indoor or outdoor culture.

When is the Best Time to Grow Cannabis?

Growing marijuana outdoors means going with the seasons, so the success of your outdoor marijuana garden is heavily dependent on timing. In this article, you’ll learn when the best time is to grow cannabis, whether growing from clones or growing from seeds. This article is a must read for any marijuana grower, both beginners and experienced growers alike!

If you are one of the adventurous cannabis growers out there who is still interested in growing cannabis outdoors, this is for you. Indoor grow operations are becoming more and more popular as growers realize that they are not bound by the seasons. However, there is something extremely rewarding about growing cannabis outdoors, in its natural environment. Outdoor-grown marijuana usually comes with stronger aromas and stronger flavours, and makes for a better marijuana experience.

If you are growing outdoors, you are victim to the seasons that are occurring under the sky. As a result, it’s important to time your garden carefully, as this plays an enormous role in the life cycle of a marijuana plant. There are certain times of the year when marijuana is known to flower best, and in order to have it reach the flowering period at the correct time, some work has to be done in advance. You must make sure that you plant your marijuana in the garden with enough time to vegetate before reaching the flowering stage. Unlike with indoor operations, there is no real control over how long the vegetation stage takes with outdoor plants, which means they can grow to be enormous.

The difference between using clones and seeds

The time of planting your cannabis plants will vary depending on the method with which you are using to grow them. Some growers will be beginning from seeds, in which case they will require a little bit more time to grow. Others will be starting their garden from clones, and in this case the long nights will induce a flowering period very early, meaning they should be planted a little bit later into the summer.

Those who are starting their marijuana garden with seeds should begin in the spring. The flowering period should occur after the summer solstice, in which the plant begins using its energy to make flowers rather than for its vegetative growth. Depending on where you are in the world, the springtime will be a different month in the year. However, it is important to make sure that the cold nights are behind you and that the nights are getting shorter.

Those who are growing their marijuana plants from clones do not need to begin until the summertime. This ensures that the plant has enough time in the vegetative state to get long enough before the flowering time begins. Again, it is best if the flowering period begins just after the summer solstice, and plants grown from clones require less time than those grown from seeds. Then, clones really just require the summer to grow tall enough to be ready for flowering.

If you’re adventurous enough to grow cannabis outdoors, you have to get your timing right! Read here to find out the best time to grow outdoors.