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14 Weed Strains that are Perfect for Long Gaming Sessions

It’s time to lay low and invite your pals over to shoot zombies or become football players. You got your gaming system set up and ready to go. But — hey! Your pal brought over some freshly rolled blunts. Mmm!

You take a few puffs and start getting couch-locked. No! Not an indica strain, you think as you slowly sink into oblivion.

Your high score starts to plummet as your eyelids are becoming heavy. The world starts to disappear as you hear the muffled sounds of your friends saying, “Bro? You okay?”

After you awake from your slumber, eyeing your friends surrounded by mountains of Cheetos and Little Debbies, you declare you’ll never succumb to the devil’s lettuce when you’re on your next button-mashing mission.

Just because you got a little too high doesn’t mean you need to forego cannabis while you game. You just have to smoke the right strains! Here are the 14 best weed strains that perfectly compliments your gaming experience.

The Best Weed Strains for Gaming

Whether you’re saving the planet from aliens or throwing turtle shells at Italian plumbers driving go-karts, these marijuana strains will aid you in your gaming adventures.

1. AK-47

The goal is gaming is to relax your mind while staying focused.

AK-47 is one of the most popular sativa strains right now. It combines the alertness of a traditional sativa strain but gives you a “clear-headed” high with some relaxing properties.

This strain is best used when you and friends are playing any type of combat game, such as a war or shooter game. It’s not exactly the giggly strain better suited for Mario Party.

2. Blue Dream

Can’t snag AK-47? Blue Dream is a similar strain that helps boost focus, relaxation, and mental clarity. But Blue Dream also offers something AK-47 does not —energy.

If you and your friends are pulling a Call of Duty all-nighter, it’s best to pass around a fatty filled with Blue Dream.

Blue Dream is a strain from the West Coast. It’s very popular among recreational and medicinal cannabis users alike. Its CBD content is high, so you get many health benefits as well as a higher score than your friends.

3. Green Crack

We promise there’s no white sparkly stuff in this strain.

But like the bad drug named after this strain (coined by Snoop Dogg himself), Green Crack will give you some serious energy. This sativa strain is intense, so cannabis beginners should stay away from this one.

Like the other strains, Green Crack is recommended when pulling an all-nighter.

You’ll be sure you can beat plebs and shoot them up.

Keep in mind, the effects of Green Crack wear off rather quickly. So it’s best you have a handy stash of this strain at all times.

4. White Widow

At first look at White Widow, you probably think it’s covered in mold. In reality, this is the resin from the terpenes — which means this strain is extremely potent!

You’ll mainly find this strain in Amsterdam. But due to its popularity, it’s commonly cultivated in the US.

Like the other strains mentioned, it gives an energetic yet relaxing high. It’s a sativa-dominant strain — it’s mixed with a classic Brazilian sativa with Indian hybrids.

5. Lemon Kush

We know what you’re thinking — what about the complex games? If you enjoy more of a challenge, the last thing you want is the drool-inducing high where your brain refuses to function.

For these games, we have a solution — Lemon Kush!

Lemon Kush is the go-to braining marijuana strain. Lemon Kush is commonly used by artists who need a boost in creativity.

This “head high” will help improve your gaming strategies, escaping from labyrinths and solving puzzles. So pack your Empire Glassworks bowl or bong full of this herb!

6. Acapulco Gold

Want to take some of the previously-mentioned strains but take the stakes higher by being, well, REALLY HIGH? Then go for Acapulco Gold. This strain boasts a 23% THC content…at least. That’s a lot of THC.

So take Acapulco Gold if you plan on playing lots of video games…and only lots of video games. No, really. Don’t smoke a whole doobie of this strain and take a drive or go to work. You’ll regret it. Like, think edibles or dabs high.

7. Star Tonic

What if you love weed but still want to function like a normal human being? Look at the CBD content instead of the THC. CBD is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana. Even though it doesn’t leave you feeling “high,” it does relax you.

If you would rather play an easygoing game, take a medicinal strain such as Star Tonic. Star Tonic is the child of Death Star and famous medical strain Cannatonic.

You’ll feel chilled out but focused enough to play.

8. Birds Eye

Serious gamers know achieving many fatalities comes with consequences.

Specifically, your back. Gaming requires one of the worst postures ever — leaning forward. It’s common to experience some body pain.

Instead of drugging yourself with Ibuprofen, why not take a pain-relieving marijuana strain?

Birds Eye is a great example of a high-inducing and pain-curing strain. Birds Eye is a child of the famous medical strain Jack Herer, so you feel hazy while receiving some pain-relief benefits.

Cannabis consumers are also a fan of the taste; Birds Eye has a combination of citrus and pine flavors, also making it tasty.

9. Buddha Haze

Buddha Haze is famous for its delicious taste. It’s fruity, but not citrus-fruity like other sativa strains. Its taste is more similar to mangoes. Its aroma is also very earthy and overall very pleasant for cannabis connoisseurs.

While this strain is great for inducing concentration, prepare to only stay at home and play video games.

On average, Buddha Haze has 26% THC. So make sure you’re playing a game that’s more about fun and less about competition, such as Grand Theft Auto.

Feel free to smoke Buddha Haze with friends and get giggly while playing Smash Brothers.

10. Lemon Daddy

If you love the energetic sativa strains but want the couch-lock benefits of an indica, go for Lemon Daddy.

While this strain is sativa-dominant hybrid, one of its parents is famous indica strain Granddaddy Purple (who also makes an appearance on our list).

You’ll get the best of both worlds with Lemon Daddy. You can pull all-nighters playing games but you won’t go crazy while trying to beat your friends. This not only gives you a unique high but also a unique gaming experience.

Speaking of Granddaddy Purple…

11. Granddaddy Purple

While indicas are usually not the smartest choice when gaming, Granddaddy Purple is the exception.

You won’t experience the sleep-inducing effects like our friend from the intro of this article. You’ll have a slightly clouded mind, but it’s not so intense that you’ll drift to sleep.

But why use Granddaddy Purple? No matter what you’re doing, you’ll have fun.

Granddaddy Purple heightens the euphoria, so you’ll be smiling and laughing the whole time.

Use Granddaddy Purple if you’re playing a casual game and not a high-competitive game. For example, story games are perfect for this strain.

12. Sweet Berry

Sweet Berry is famous for its sweet scent and taste. That’s because it’s a mix of the two most delicious strains out there — Chernobyl and Blueberry. This also makes Sweet Berry a hybrid.

Unlike most hybrids, you don’t experience the couch-locked effects. Its sativa side will enhance focus and concentration. But the indica side will drive creativity.

That’s why Sweet Berry is great when paired with all games — not just video games, but also RPG games.

13. Lemon Haze

Now that we’re on the topic of hybrid strains, we can’t say “hybrid” without Lemon Haze. Lemon Haze is the child of Lemon Skunk and Amnesia Haze. Its mix will ignite your focus but you’ll also feel out of this world.

Lemon Haze is also famous for its unique flavor. It has the sweetness of an indica with a skunky sativa punch.

Overall, it’s a versatile gaming strain. The focus properties will help you advance over the competition while the indica properties will make you feel uplifted and not fatigued.

14. Dutch Dragon

Dutch Dragon is one of the prettiest marijuana strains you’ll ever see. But don’t let its pretty face fool you. It’s so powerful, if you’re not being careful than you could end up way too wasted to play.

Dutch Dragon is a product of an African sativa, meaning it’s intense.

The perfect dosage will help you feel uplifted and energetic. But if you smoke way too much, you might as well float back to your bed and try and shake off your high before grabbing the controller.

Your Gaming Adventure Isn’t Over

If you’re a stoner, you know weed pairs well with everything. You just have to pick the right strains.

Now that you know the best weed strains for gaming, do you know which games you should play? Head over to our gaming section where you’ll find the latest game reviews and recommendations.

It’s time to lay low and invite your pals over to shoot zombies or become football players. You got your gaming system set up and ready to go. But — hey!