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Homemade root stimulant for growth and flowering

Root stimulating fertilizer rich in Auxins

Today we are going to expose you a little cannabic trick that consists of the elaboration of an excellent fertilizer stimulator of roots rich in Auxinas…you know, the vegetable hormones in charge of the rooting of cuttings and seedlings.

Nature is our best laboratory….and what less to be able to take advantage of it, optimizing the resources we have to obtain a great production of buds of excellent quality, aroma and flavor.

✅ What are Auxins??

Auxinas have been used by manufacturers of rooting gels (Clonex) for years, until the EU began to consider phytohormones as a plant protection product and therefore in need of special registration.

That’s why you see Clonex less now, as well as the products manufactured by other brands formulated with auxins, besides the fact that they are synthetic auxins that are added to the gel for its elaboration. I mean, they’re not a natural product

The alternative that we propose is to use auxins produced in a natural and organic way by using germinated seeds of certain legumes such as lentils and/or chickpeas.

To give you a general idea, the most commonly used auxins in agrotechnology are those directly related to indol-3-butyric acid (AIB), which is widely used for rooting herbaceous stems, and 1-naphthaleneacetic acid (ANA), which is also used for rooting woody stems. Our beloved product Clonex was characterized by its richness in AIB, because as you know, the cuttings you cut are characterized by their tender herbaceous stem.

✨ Biological functions of auxins

But first of all, we will mention some of the biological functions of the Auxinas so that you can become familiar with their great importance in agriculture:

-As we have just mentioned to help in the production of clones. By applying the hormone to the stem, a process of cell differentiation is initiated by turning a group of stem cells into root cells. We can see the typical “stump” or white bulb on the stem, which indicates the beginning of a healthy root to give us a new marijuana plant..

Subjection, growth and ripening of fruits: Although this function does not seem to be of our interest, it is of interest, especially for seed producers, since in the marijuana plant the fruit is the seed. The levels of auxins are important for the maturation and restraint of the seeds in the bracts. It depends on the auxins whether we can harvest the seeds sooner or later and on the quality of the seeds. With this we obtain their germination rate,

Herbicidal activity: Some derivatives of the main auxins mentioned above are used as herbicides, especially their synthesis compounds, such as 2,4-D or 3,5,6-TPA, which at low doses act as auxins, but at high concentrations have the opposite effect. Watch out because the same thing happens with natural auxins. This is the reason why many growers went too far with clonex and failed to root the cuttings. In the case of Auxinas, less is always more

-Another curious fact that we have been able to observe in some publications is the induction of flowering with high doses of auxins, but we do not recommend it. We prefer to direct you towards the safe. In addition, these compounds used as phytosanitary are toxic and difficult to handle

The specific effects of auxins on plants

We therefore recommend that you use auxins in a more natural way, extracted directly from natural sources.

In nature there is strength..

⭐ Homemade soup rich in phytohormones:

Now that you have taken into account the importance of these phytohormones, we recommend a simple recipe for making a broth rich in phytohormones::

-Weigh 100 grams of lentils or chickpeas and leave them covered with water in a large glass bowl for the time necessary for them to germinate. At that point we have an explosion of auxins in his cells.

We weigh 100 grams of lentils or chickpeas

-Now we can whisk the sprouted vegetables with a kitchen mixer, as if we were going to make a humus from lentils or chickpeas.

Beat the germinated legumes

-Place the smoothie in the glass bowl and cover it with 2 litres of water with a few drops of lemon juice. Stir well and measure pH. We should leave the pH at 5.5, if it is higher add more lemon juice..

Cover with 2 litres of water and a few drops of lemon juice, leave the pH at 5.5.

-We stir well and keep the nutritious broth. We pass a cloth or paper filter to remove the large particles that we have left.

And now we have our hormonal broth ready to root cuttings or seedlings!

If we want, we can combine this broth with some pure seaweed extract of the type Ascophyllum nodosum or Chlorella (the latter is much more expensive) of some commercial brand in order to promote the rooting of cuttings, or also, if what we want is a stimulant fertilizer of roots of common use for our seedlings or for the whole cycle of growth and flowering, we can combine it with a very economic mineral fertilizer, with a NPK rich in phosphorus and without additives. Something basic

In any case we will have a nutritious broth very rich in auxins, potassium, calcium and soluble starches….a marvel for your plants…

Don’t drink it, it doesn’t taste very good!

We hope you found these tips helpful…thank you for following us!?

Create your own homemade cannabis stimulant ✨. How to make root stimulant rich in auxins. ⭐ Get BETTER RESULTS IN YOUR HARVEST!

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