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The 5 Best Cannabis Rolling Papers

Thursday February 14, 2019

W hen it comes to rolling joints, choosing the right paper is highly important. Not only do rolling papers affect the overall smoking experience, but they also play a large factor in how easy it is to roll your cannabis. Many people have a favorite rolling paper brand and claim that their papers are the easiest for them to roll with. Of course, everyone is different and has their own rolling preferences, making it difficult to definitively label one rolling paper as better than another. However, there are a few brands that stand out from the rest. Below, we’ve curated a list of our top 5 favorite rolling papers. Check them out, roll one up and enjoy!


Elements rolling papers are loved among many cannabis consumers. The love for them stems from more than one reason, too. For instance, they are made with natural materials like rice and sugar and they don’t contain any harsh burning agents. Once Elements rolling papers are burned, the only ash left over is the gum that caramelizes as it’s cooked. That’s a good sign that you’re smoking a quality paper.

Another good sign is that Elements don’t easily run. They’re embedded with a proprietary criss-cross watermark that helps keep the burn even across the life of the joint.

From their slow burn hemp paper to their ultra-thin rice papers, even the packaging of Elements rolling papers is appealing. The aesthetics of their boxes beautifully matches the quality of the papers on the inside. While the rice papers are a bit more difficult to roll than the hemp papers, their thin profile, smooth taste, and effective burn make Elements rolling papers a staple for cannabis consumers around the world.

No dyes, no chalk, no burn additives. RAW natural rolling papers are what their name claims to be: raw rolling papers. They’re unbleached and unrefined products made solely out of plant material. As a result, not only are they easy to roll with, but they also add very little taste to your joint.

If you’re looking for a paper that gives you both a clean burn and a clean conscience, then consider RAW rolling papers. Why? The RAW Foundation donates meals to children in famished communities, provides fresh water and filters to folks impacted by natural disasters, and even sponsors an orphanage in Bali, Indonesia. RAW produces charismatic rolling papers because their leaders are thoughtful individuals. Their charity is a great part of their company, it’s just a bonus that their rolling papers are top-of-the-line for a cannabis consumer looking for an easy roll and a pleasant smoke.

OCB claims to be the thinnest rolling paper in the world. My ruler has a difficult time measuring the accuracy of that claim, but there’s no doubt the OCB makes some of the best rolling papers out there. OCB has been around for 100 years, and for good reason. Usually, such a thin paper might tear or be difficult to control, but OCB has perfected the art of creating thin, easy-to-work-with papers.

Over their 100 years, they’ve created paper for French bibles, letter paper, and cotton paper, among others. In 1999, however, they officially started what is now their most iconic line: OCB Premium rolling papers. They’ve withstood the test of time because they burn clean and add nothing more than what they call ‘an American taste’ to a joint. Since their OCB Premium papers were launched, they’ve added on X-Pert papers, Organic Hemp papers, and even created biodegradable, unbleached filters.

Juicy Jay’s

Juicy Jay’s started in the Big Apple (a juicy apple at the time), in the 1980s. The creators had a deep love for all things from the ’80s like 5.0 Mustangs, gold rims, and LL Cool J. With their love of ugly cars and music that hasn’t withstood the test of time, they scouted New York City in search of their idol. Without finding LL Cool J, the creator of Juicy Jay’s was still granted a new nickname that eventually inspired the name of the rolling papers themselves.

Not only are they easy to roll with, but Juicy Jay’s also make this list because they taste fantastic. From watermelon to blueberry to peanut butter to root beer, there is a flavor for every person. There’s even a flavor that harkens back to 80’s music: Vanilla Ice. Easy to roll with and adding extra flavor to your joint, Juicy Jay’s simply look cool and can add just the right amount of flare to a smoke session. With bright colors and fashionable design, Juicy Jay’s catch the eye and the love of people who like smoking joints.

Zig Zag – ‘Oranges’

Yes, they’re a bit thicker than the other papers on this list. Yes, they burn a bit faster than other papers on this list. Yes, they add a bit more ash and unnecessary flavor to joints than other papers on this list. So why do Zig Zag 1 ¼ inch papers that come in their classic orange box make it to the last spot on this list? One word: accessibility. These papers are everywhere. You can find them in virtually every gas station, they’re cost-effective, and they’re your best option when you can’t find any of the other brands on this list. Furthermore, they’re likely one of the easiest papers to learn to roll with.

What’s your favorite brand of rolling paper and why? Let us know in the comments below!

Do you love rolling joints? If so, then you know that rolling papers are a critical component to a great smoking experience. Find out some of the best cannabis rolling papers on the market!


The Top 5 Rolling Papers of 2020

The process of rolling up a joint, spliff or blunt is one of the most universally recognized acts across the world of cannabis. Short of the ubiquitous pipe, rolling papers are the most utilized smoking method when it comes to enjoying cannabis, and the quality of the rolling paper is critical to the enjoyment of the joint. Traditionally, papers have been made from wood pulp, but recently natural rolling papers made from healthier and more sustainable products such as hemp, rice and flax have entered the marketplace. Wood paper tends to burn the quickest, rice paper the slowest and hemp burns at a fairly moderate rate. The novelty market has also taken off, with luxury rolling papers made of gold catching the eye of those who want to roll a spliff that sparkles. What are the best papers to roll with at the moment? Check out the list below for Where’s Weed’s Best Rolling Papers for 2020.

5. Zig-Zag Unbleached King Slim

The iconic Zig-Zag label kicks off our list with its classic Unbleached King Slim. Legend has it that back in 1879 a bullet broke the pipe of a French soldier and he improvised by tearing a piece of paper from his sack of gunpowder to use to roll his tobacco. A few years later Maurice and Jacques Braunstein took the rolling paper idea to the next level in their Paris shop by inventing a package that allowed single sheets to be dispensed one at a time. The “Z” shape that the papers make when pulled from the package prompted them to call their new product “Zig-Zag” and the rest is history. Natural flax fibers and the absence of any bleach or chemicals mean nothing gets between you and your favorite strain.

4. Smoking Master 1 1/4

The Miquel Family has been making paper in Spain since the 18 th Century, producing rolling papers since the late 1800s and offering its elite Smoking Brand rolling papers to happy customers since 1924. Smoking Masters are now produced in Catalonia and are FSC certified which means that your joint will burn with pulp from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. Sealed with 100% natural vegetable gum, these papers provide a surprisingly slow and smooth burn.

3. Natural Mystic Organic Hemp King-Sized Pre-Rolled Cones

Natural Mystic might not be the most well-known brand out there, but this tiny company based in Texas makes some of the best papers for joints and some of the best hemp rolling papers available. The pre-rolled cones are all rolled by hand and feature 100% unbleached fibers to create a brown organic hemp paper that provides an impressively controlled burn rate and a pure taste. The single gumline keeps the cones from unravelling when they are being filled and makes it simple to get your spliff ready if you’re not a skilled roller. All of Natural Mystic’s products are GMO free and Vegan friendly so you know you’ll be smoking some of the healthiest rolling papers on the planet.

2. RAW Classic 1 1/4

RAW papers have set the standard of quality for well over a century and are quite simply some of the best rolling papers for weed that you can find. Founded in the Alcoy region of Spain where the rolling paper booklet was first invented, RAW has since expanded its empire across the globe but continues to produce top-quality and earth-friendly merchandise. And while all of their products deserve recognition, we’re going to choose the Classic 1.25″ version to spotlight here. The natural sheets that create these stalwarts are made from unrefined plants and use organic tree sap to seal joints securely with ease. RAW Classics can be found in all sorts of shops across the country and are an excellent paper to have on hand when the need to roll one up arises.

1. Elements 1 1/4 Ultra-Thin Rice Rolling Papers

Some of the slowest burning rolling papers on the market, these fine rice papers utilize a sugar gum that yields an attractive and slightly sweet burn that won’t interfere with the tastiness of the terpenes in your weed. The pure rice used in the papers results in a smooth burn with little to no ash and the crisscross watermark prevents runs and irregularities. The tiny magnetic closure device in the packaging is genius; it keeps the papers from getting torn, wrinkled or smashed. Made utilizing wind power in Northern Spain, Elements produces some of the best weed rolling paper in the world.

The process of rolling up a joint, spliff or blunt is one of the most universally recognized acts across the world of cannabis. Short of the ubiquitous pipe, rolling papers are the most utilized smoking method when it comes to enjoying cannabis, and the quality of the rolling paper is critical to the enjoyment of the joint. Traditionally, papers h