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Top 5 Cannabis Strains To Grow Outdoors In 2020

Do you plan to grow outdoors this year? Take a look at our top 5 outdoor cannabis strains to grow in 2020. Get ready for fast growth and large yields!

Growing cannabis outdoors is extremely rewarding, if mostly for the large yields and low cost of operation. Many of Royal Queen Seeds’ varieties take very well to the outdoors, thriving under the natural sunlight. That said, when it comes to outdoor growing, the strain you choose can make all the difference between success or failure. For that reason, we’ve put together a list of our top 5 outdoor strains—cultivars that are ready to harvest by late September.

With the selections on this list, you can avoid unnecessary trouble with rain and frost in October and November. While other growers are busy inspecting their developing buds for mould, you’ll be drying and curing your harvest and filling up your jars. If you missed out on our top 5 strains for colder and warmer climates, feel free to give those a look as well!


When selecting a cannabis strain to grow outdoors, speed shouldn’t be the only concern. It’s also important for plants to be productive, to have a good aroma, and to induce a pleasant effect once smoked.

Here are the traits your outdoor strain needs to include:

Fast flowering so you can beat rainy weather in fall
• Good natural resistance to mould and pests
High yields
• Great potency, aroma, and flavour
Superb effect


Now that we know what makes a good strain to grow outdoors, it’s time to look at some recommended cultivars. Here are 5 of the best early-finishing outdoor strains to grow in 2020:


Honey Cream Fast Flowering is one of our recently updated favourites. This variety is very popular in Spain due to its sweet, creamy aroma, but you can grow it virtually anywhere in Europe.

Its remarkably short flowering time of only 6–7 weeks makes it a good strain in regions where the weather can get ugly early in fall. However, grow it in July and August, and this will provide a sufficient window for Honey Cream to receive a lot of sunlight so she can bulk up. This way, you can harvest good amounts of sweet, potent buds in September.

Besides its short flowering period and amazing flavour, Honey Cream convinces with a solid indica background composed of BlueBlack (Blueberry x Black Domina), Maple Leaf Indica (100% Afghan indica), and White Rhino. These three strains give Honey Cream FF an indica-dominant genetic profile, but there’s also a decent amount of sativa potency from White Widow, the predecessor of White Rhino. When things go well, plants reach outdoor heights of 180–250cm and yield up to 675g/plant.

Honey Cream
BlueBlack x Maple Leaf Indica x White Rhino
500 – 550 gr/m 2
60 – 100 cm
6 – 7 weeks
THC: 16% (aprox.) / CBD: Medium
35% Sativa, 65% Indica, 0% Ruderalis
625 – 675 g/per plant (dried)
180 – 250 cm
Early October
Psychedelic high
Honey Cream
BlueBlack x Maple Leaf Indica x White Rhino
500 – 550 gr/m 2
60 – 100 cm
6 – 7 weeks
THC: 16% (aprox.) / CBD: Medium
35% Sativa, 65% Indica, 0% Ruderalis
625 – 675 g/per plant (dried)
180 – 250 cm
Early October
Psychedelic high


Next up is Speedy Chile. This girl combines Early Skunk genetics with several Chile indica landraces, although a third generation autoflowering plant is partly responsible for its very short flowering time of just 6 weeks (42 days!).

But make no mistake, Speedy Chile is a photoperiod strain that flowers depending on the amount of available light hours per day. One could say that fast flowering strains are the next breeding evolution after autoflowering genetics: These strains produce high THC levels while maintaining an incredibly short total crop time.

For outdoor cultivators and novice growers, choosing Speedy Chile Fast Flowering is a wise decision. You can fill your bags with buds in early September, which leaves no room for uncertainty regarding climate or mould issues. And the buds you gather will be excellent in their own right, producing sumptuous flavours of fruit and pine alongside a THC content of 16%.

Click here for a selection of the best early-finishing outdoor cannabis strains that you can harvest by the end of September. Grow great weed in 2020!

Top 5 outdoor cannabis strains

There are more outdoor growers than ever. Outdoor cannabis growing is the cheapest way to grow your own cannabis. You don’t need any grow lights, fans, filters or electricity. All you need is a safe grow location with nutritious moist soil and some quality outdoor cannabis seeds.

How to choose the right seeds when growing outdoors

Don’t just assume that a particular cannabis strain will grow well outdoors. Just because it grows well indoors doesn’t mean that it will be ready to harvest outdoors before cold autumn weather arrives. The best outdoor cannabis seeds are created only after many years of hard work. Often this means selectively breeding outdoors over many generations, only selecting and breeding the toughest plants which finish earlier than the others.

The top outdoor cannabis strains are also selected to be resistant to mold, mildew, and other outdoor threats. A quality outdoor cannabis strain needs to be tough, robust and able to deal with the worst that nature can throw at it. Again, these qualities are not found by accident. A top outdoor cannabis strain is the result of many years of hard work and careful genetic selection.

It’s not just about choosing genetics which are tough, durable, weather resistant and early finishers. Outdoor growers also want to be able to savour the best terpene profile and flavours. They also want good yields of quality buds. Creating a high quality outdoor cannabis strain requires a great deal of effort. You need top quality starting genetics and highly experienced breeders skilled in the delicate art of outdoor selective breeding to produce the following properties.

  • Speed of harvest. A good variety is ready to harvest in early autumn before the bad weather sets in.
  • Tough and durable enough to survive outdoor weather
  • Resistance to weather and disease such as mold etc
  • Above-average yields
  • Appealing taste and aroma with a strong smoke/vape quality

Best cannabis strains to grow outdoor

Selected from Dutch Passion’s outdoor seed collection, all these varieties are tough enough to grow at Dutch latitudes and climate.

Frisian Dew, tough and resilient feminised outdoor cannabis seeds

Frisian Dew is quite possibly the most successful and popular outdoor feminised seed strain ever created by Dutch Passion. She has been a best seller ever since she was released, and grows easily as far north as northern UK/Denmark in the northern hemisphere. The genetics come from crossing Super Skunk with Purple Star. This variety was selectively bred outdoors over several years in the Frisian area of the northern Netherlands. The earliest blooming plants with heaviest yields and best mold resistance were systematically selected for the next generation until the Dutch Passion breeders had what they believe to be one of the toughest and most resilient outdoor cannabis strains they have ever seen.

This is an indica/sativa hybrid strain, in the northern hemisphere she is usually ready to harvest around late September or early October. Some of the plants will be purple, once cured the buds from these purple phenotypes have a beautiful appearance and a fresh, earthy aroma.

Frisian Dew also grows well in a greenhouse. The greenhouse helps protect the plants from the worst of the early and late season weather. When grown in good quality soil with optimised conditions, a greenhouse-grown Frisian Dew can reach 4m tall and just as wide with a yield of several Kilograms.

The hybrid genetics give a great vape/smoke with a stress-busting head high and relaxing body effects. It’s an easy and robust outdoor seed strain to grow. If you can focus on providing good quality soil with a sheltered and sunny location then you can expect heavy yields of medium strength outdoor cannabis.

Like all the outdoor cannabis strains mentioned in this blog, Frisian Dew seeds are feminised and will produce only female plants. In general, outdoor growers hugely prefer to grow feminised photoperiod seeds (or feminised autoflowering seeds). This is because outdoor growers may not visit their plants for several weeks at a time. Male plants are an unwanted inconvenience for most outdoor growers. For that reason, few outdoor growers use regular cannabis seeds.

Passion #1, reliable outdoor cannabis seeds with proven performance

Passion #1 is a green Californian Indica with XL yields and a superb outdoor performance. This is a hybrid strain which has been a best selling outdoor variety for many years. Passion #1 doesn’t thrive in the far northern extremes in the way that Frisian Dew does. But Passion #1 remains a firm favourite with growers at central and southern European latitudes where she delivers heavy harvests. If anything, her buds may be more potent than those of Frisian Dew. When started early in the season, Passion #1 can reach as tall as 3.5m. But usually 2m is more common. In a greenhouse, protected from the elements, she can reach large proportions and yield heavily.

Expect long and heavy blooms packed with resin. Passion #1, just like Frisian Dew, was developed exclusively for outdoor and greenhouse growers. Many of the most experienced outdoor growers germinate their seeds at home and grow their ‘outdoor’ seedlings at home under artificial light for a couple of weeks. This is a way of giving your plants a head start and protecting them while they are at their most vulnerable. The seedlings are often planted outdoors after the last frost has passed. Serious outdoor growers understand the value of carefully selecting and preparing their grow locations. If the local soil is low quality, the successful outdoor grower will either improve the soil (manure, fertilisers etc) or replace the soil with some from the garden centre.

Passion #1 is ready to harvest in early autumn, typically early October for northern hemisphere growers. In the southern hemisphere she is ready to harvest around early April.

Durban Poison, legendary cornerstone variety with superb outdoor performance

Durban Poison is a famous South African sativa known for being both a high quality indoor strain as well as a reliable go-to outdoor variety. She has chunky buds, a beautifully sweet aroma and a sticky resin coating on all her buds. With a soaring sativa high, Durban Poison is the perfect variety for any outdoor grower that demands the best sativa buds.

As well as being a legendary genetic line in her own right, Durban Poison was selected as a parent variety for the hugely successful Girl Scout Cookies (‘GSC’) family, along with OG Kush. The GSC line subsequently gave rise to some of the USA’s best new varieties. Be in no doubt at all, Durban Poison is one of the very finest classic strains of all time.

Outdoors Durban Poison can reach around 2m tall in typical conditions and is ready to harvest in early autumn. Just like the other outdoor cannabis seeds mentioned, Durban Poison is hardy and robust with solid yields and particularly strong buds. At some unknown point during the original outdoor breeding selection in the Netherlands it is thought that some indica genetics were accidentally added. This possibly occurred from airborne pollen from an outdoor grown indica being grown nearby. It’s worth adding that this, if it happened, has only strengthened the outdoor performance.

Durban Poison is also loved for the spicy and hazy taste. It also has hints of aniseed, liquorice, lemon and cloves. It’s an appealing and complex aroma – one of the reasons why Durban Poison has such a large following of repeat growers.

Frisian Duck and Auto Duck, unique stealth leaf shape for outdoor growers

Frisian Duck is the product of some truly unique Dutch Passion genetic research. Using some special and rare genetics, some highly skilled breeders created a cannabis plant that looks like no other! Instead of the iconic traditionally shaped cannabis leaf, Frisian Duck and Auto Duck exhibit a stabilised leaf mutation. The individual fingers on each cannabis leaf give cannabis it’s distinctive appearance. However, Frisian Duck and Auto Duck have leaves where the leaves look like a ducks footprint, with webbing between the individual fingers of each leaf.

The result is a cannabis plant which you could walk straight past without giving it a second glance. The leaves can look more like a nettle than traditional cannabis. The aroma from this plant is also light, meaning that she can be grown in a back garden with less of a worry about the smell. In fact, the only time ‘the Duck’ looks like cannabis is just around harvest time when the blooms are heavy. But by that stage, the hard work is done and harvest is imminent.

Frisian Duck isn’t the highest THC variety in the Dutch Passion collection. She is classified as a medium-level THC plant. She may not be the strongest strain, but with medium THC levels she offers a highly relaxing experience with a particularly pleasant effect. Perhaps you may need to use a little extra when you roll a joint. But that shouldn’t deter you from growing this completely unique variety, which was awarded the ‘2016 Plant Of The Year Award’ by Soft Secrets.

Frisian Duck is available as a feminised photoperiod seed variety, ready to harvest in early autumn. Or you can buy Auto Duck, the autoflowering seed version which grows from seed to harvest in around 100 days outdoors. Below are some of the many successful customer grow diaries.

Auto Mazar, autoflower seeds with fast and robust outdoor growth

Selecting just one of the Dutch Passion autoflower strains is not easy. One of the beauties of autoflower seeds is that they are so easy, simple and fast to grow indoors or outdoors. Indoors, most autoflower seeds take around 75 days to grow from seed to harvest. Outdoors, autoflowers tend to take nearer 100 days due to the cooler conditions.

With such a fast growth cycle, autoflower seeds can be grown even in Scandinavian outdoor conditions with the briefest of summers. This makes autoflowering seeds a particularly attractive option for the outdoor grower. Of all the different autoflower strains, Auto Mazar seems to have a particularly good reputation with outdoor auto growers. Some growers refuse to grow anything else!

Auto Mazar uses tough, durable Hindu Kush genetics. She needs little care or attention from the outdoor grower. Just select a sunny location with good quality soil and let the genetics take care of the rest. Auto Mazar usually reaches around a metre tall. The indica dominant genetics give a powerful effect and a long lasting high. It’s a great variety to really chill out and relax. Feel your stress dissolve and allow your soul to feel refreshed after enjoying buds grown from these classic genetics.

Why should you consider outdoor strains?

For most outdoor growers there are several key benefits of growing outdoors. Firstly you don’t have the hassle of buying and running an indoor grow tent. For some people, for example those in shared or rented accommodation, growing indoors may occasionally be a little too risky. Growing your plants outdoors is a worry-free way of growing your cannabis. Just find a good location with quality soil, plenty of sun and a little bit of privacy. Then all you need are some reliable outdoor cannabis seeds from a seed supplier you can trust.

Outdoor cannabis growing is cheap. There is no electricity bill to pay, no carbon filters to replace nor any replacement HPS bulbs to buy. Which all adds to the appeal of planting a few outdoor marijuana seeds!

With the top outdoor cannabis seeds you can expect heavy harvests and strong buds. Note that outdoor growers in places like California can produce several kilograms of stunning quality grown buds from a single plant.

You don’t need much space to grow cannabis seeds outdoors. An auto will often stay around or below a metre tall, allowing it to be easily hidden in the natural outdoor bushes, shrubs and weeds. Many people are completely self sufficient in their cannabis needs thanks to a few outdoor plants. You can grow in unused areas of the countryside, river banks, hillsides, unused urban land – anywhere your imagination allows you! Many also grow a plant or two at home in the garden or greenhouse if privacy allows.

The best outdoor cannabis seeds

You can rely on Dutch Passion’s many years of experience at the top of cannabis breeding to deliver you the best quality seeds, with next-day delivery if you wish. Our outdoor cannabis seeds are all proven and reliable. You can also grow any of the Dutch Passion autoflower seeds outdoors. They will all grow well, just choose a sunny 3 months to grow.

Interested in growing some of the best outdoor cannabis seeds? Read on to find out which outdoor seeds won't let you down and get the best tips for success!