best outdoor marijuana seeds

Best strain seeds for outdoor growing

Growing outdoors is very rewarding. Especially because you don’t need expensive equipment such as lamps, an extractor and grow tent. Moreover, you don’t need electricity. The sun does the work. This means that the costs for an outdoor cultivation are low. Besides, outdoor growing is environmentally friendly and by relying on mother nature you will create organic plants with the highest possible quality.

The breeding season starts again before you realize it. It’s therefore time to think about which strain you will grow outdoors this year. To make your choice more easy we wrote this blog. Here we present our top 5 with the best weed seeds for outdoor growing.

How to choose the best outdoor strains?

Outdoors you can’t influence all the living conditions. Yes, you can choose the soil and provide water, but you can’t influence the weather, while the weather is the most important factor for the final result. Growing weed outdoors is therefore generally more difficult compared to indoor growing.

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However, the cannabis plant is naturally an outdoor plant so each plant can be grown outdoors. Yet, not all species achieve good results when grown outdoors. That has to do with various causes. An important factor is in this is the degree of mold and moisture resistance. Moreover, not all species are suitable for the climate in which you want to grow. From this you can conclude that the success of an outdoor cultivation largely depends on the chosen weed seeds.

The best outdoor strains are therefore preferably easy to grow species with a high mold resistance. By choosing an easy to grow strain which is resistant to fungi and fits the climate in which you want to grow, you avoid a lot of problems and will increase the chance of a successful breeding considerably.

Top 5 best cannabis seeds for outdoors

In our top 5 you find the best weed seeds to grow outdoors. The presented strains are easy to grow and can be harvested between September and October. If you choose one of our best marijuana seeds for outdoor growing the chances are big that your plants will get through the rainy autumn and that you will be rewarded with high quality weed and good yields.

1. Blue Dream

Seeds for outdoor growing have to meet the conditions previously mentioned in this blog. If there is one species that obviously meets all these conditions, then it’s our Blue Dream feminized strain.

Blue dream is known for its refined taste and high THC values. Moreover, the strain is easy to grow (also for beginners) and not entirely unimportant: especially outdoors this strain thrives very well. Blue dream has a very high mold resistance, bad weather can be well tolerated and even then the strain is still capable of producing high quality weed. With the Blue Dream, your outdoor harvest actually can’t fail anymore.

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2. Northern Lights

The Northern Lights. Who doesn’t know this strain? Northern Lights is listed in almost every top 5 or top 10 that you can find online. Therefore, this strain can’t be missed in our top 5 with the best seeds for outdoor weed.

Northern Lights is a real classic strain, has won many prizes and can be grown in practically any climate.Therefore it’s a strain that you should have tried to grow outdoors. Even when it’s only just for one time.

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3. Amnesia Lemon Kush

The crossing of none other than Amnesia Lemon and the Afghani Kush makes this strain a true pleasure. Although this strain is less known than its colleagues above, the Amnesia Lemon Kush couldn’t be missing in this overview with the best pot seeds for outdoors.

Because of its high fungal resistance the Amnesia Lemon Kush is very easy to grow and produces crops that can reach up to 750 grams per m2. However, this strain is especially known for its great effect and sublime taste. A great strain if you like sweet en sour tastes like lime and lemon.

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4. Power Plant

A strain that can be bought in almost every Dutch coffee shop is the Power Plant. That isn’t without reason. The Power Plant features qualities that are important for commercial growers and is definitely one of the best outdoor strains. High yields, a short cycle, easy to grow and a very powerful high quality weed. Although many commercial growers grow indoors, the outdoor yields can exceed up to 750 grams per m2.

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5. Black Domina

Black Domina is a very reliable and consistent strain that should not be missing in this top 5 with the best seeds for outdoor growing. Although the strain grows well mainly in a warm environment, is almost 100% Indica and therefore will remain relatively small outside, the strain has all the qualities to make an outdoor cultivation successful. Moreover, the small size has a big advantage. With small plants you can keep your outdoor cultivation better discrete.

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Best Marijuana Seed For Outdoor Cannabis Growing

May 10 · 5 min read

Are you wondering about the best marijuana seeds for outdoor cannabis growing? Well, you’ve come to the right cultivation resource to learn how to grow weed outdoors. The type of cannabis seeds you choose to cultivate will affect the yield and quality of your outdoor marijuana crop. Read our guide to help you decide which seeds you need for your type of outdoor climate.

How Important Is Choosing The Right Outdoor Cannabis Seeds?

When choosing the right outdoor cann a bis seeds, you should consider how fast the plant flowers, its resistance to mold and pests, its average yield, its ability to handle humidity, its potency, and aroma, and its unique effects. Selecting cannabis seeds with your favorite traits is the first step toward narrowing down which seeds you’re going to plant.

Regardless of how optimal your growing practices are, your outdoor crop’s potential is mainly determined by your seed’s genetics. Many cannabis seeds for sale have been bred for indoor production, which makes the selection process even more complicated. While cannabis can grow nearly anywhere, some seeds thrive in sunny or cool conditions.

Consider Your Climate Zone

Climate refers to the average weather conditions in a region over a long period of time. Hot regions can be found near the equator due to the sunlight’s relative proximity. Cooler temperatures can be found toward the North and South Poles because sunlight and heat are least direct there.

Different climate zones are categorized based on their latitude, temperature, amount of precipitation, and the times of the year when precipitation occurs. Climate zones are useful in determining which cannabis seeds and strains are best for your climate conditions. Climate zones can be divided into five main types:

Tropical: Hot and humid with temperatures greater than 64ºF year-round and less than 59 inches of precipitation each year.

Temperate: Warm and humid summers with mild winters and thunderstorms.

Continental: Warm to cool summers and extremely cold winters with snowstorms and strong winds.

Polar: Harsh, cold temperatures that never exceed 50ºF.

Cold and Wet Climates

Northern climates tend to be cool and wet. In these climates, the autumn rain can begin to fall in early October or late September. For this reason, outdoor cannabis growers are advised to select a cannabis strain with a short life cycle. Strains with a short life cycle can be harvested early during the second half of September. Ideal cold-weather seed strains include:

Northern Lights: A fast-flowering and legendary indica strain that’s resistant to mold and pests. Enjoy its sweet and spicy aromas and trichome-coated buds. Indulge in Northern Lights’ relaxing and mood-boosting effects.

Durban Poison: Choose this pure, South African-born Sativa strain for your cold climate cultivation. Durban Poison produces a heavy sheet of trichomes over its round and swollen buds. Growers love its fruity, herbal, and minty aroma.

Hindu Kush: A pure indica strain named after the mountains where it originated. The Hindu Kush is used to unforgiving climates and goes on to produce so many trichomes on its buds. The Hindu Kush has a sweet and sandalwood-like aroma and elicits calming and sleepy effects.

White Widow: This balanced hybrid strain was first bred in the Netherlands by Green House Seeds and has become a staple in Dutch coffee shops. Users enjoy White Widow’s euphoric and energizing effects that make them more sociable and talkative.

Of course, the weather can be unpredictable, especially when you’re planting your crop months in advance. Some marijuana growers choose to plant various genetics with different flowering times to increase the chances of a robust crop. Diversifying you’re growing can protect you from having a complete crop failure.

Climates with very cold weather and a short summer lasting between two to three months should consider planting auto-flowering marijuana seeds. Autoflowering plants do not require a photoperiod. Instead, they automatically flower after a short life cycle. Some of the best auto-flowering strains include:

Critical Autoflowering: This indica-dominant auto-flowering strain has a fruity and subtle spice aroma. Critical is an excellent strain for novice growers who want a relaxing and pungent cannabis strain.

AK-47 Autoflowering: AK-47 auto-flowering strains take the legendary AK-47 Sativa genetics and allow them to be grown in a shorter time period. AK-47 auto-flowering strains elicit calming and blissful effects.

Blackberry Autoflowering: This indica hybrid has Pakistani and Canadian genetics. Blackberry auto-flowering seeds grow short and in a matter of eight weeks. These buds produce a sticky and heavy resin and have an intense berry-like aroma.

Warm, Humid, and Dry Climates

Mediterranean and warm climates are the most ideal climates for outdoor cannabis growing. You can pretty much grow any strain you want under these environmental conditions. Take a shot at producing some of your favorite strains or some of the most legendary, hardy, potent, and flavorful marijuana strains such as:

Sour Diesel: Choose this energizing, Sativa-dominant strain with a strong bouquet of diesel and citrus aromas. Sour Diesel is an excellent strain to ward off stress, depression, and mild aches and pains.

Amnesia Haze: Amnesia Haze has South Asian and Jamaican genetics. This award-winning strain has an invigorating blend of peppery and citrus aromas. Users love its uplifting and motivating buzz.

Grape Ape: This indica hybrid has a strong grape aroma and elicits relaxing and analgesic effects. Its dense buds often feature a purple hue.

Autoflowering marijuana strains can also be grown in warm and dry climates. Beginner growers can appreciate how easy it is to grow premium-quality auto-flowering strains. Experienced growers can also choose auto-flowering strains in a warm climate to double-crop during the same season.

Warmer and wetter tropical environments require some considerations. Choose cannabis strains that are resistant to mold due to the excess humidity. Loose flower formation can reduce humidity for coastal climates. Heatwaves can also threaten crop production in these warm climate zones. A greenhouse solution could protect your plants against harsh conditions.

How To Buy Marijuana Seeds

Before the advent of major seed banks and modern breeding practices, all marijuana seeds were geared to grow in the great outdoors. The cannabis plant has adapted to different climates over the years. Today, you can find a variety of outdoor and indoor-friendly cannabis seeds at dispensaries and online seed banks.

No matter what type of cannabis seeds you choose to grow outdoors, remember that perfecting the growing process takes time, patience, experimentation, and passion. Have fun with it and don’t let bad yields get you down. Learn from your mistakes and set your sights on your next harvest with the best outdoor cannabis genetics you can find.

Are you wondering about the best marijuana seeds for outdoor cannabis growing? Well, you’ve come to the right cultivation resource to learn how to grow weed outdoors. The type of cannabis seeds you…