Best Outdoor Marijuana Seeds For Your Climate

Although cannabis is an extremely hardy plant that can grow in many different climates, there’s no doubt that some marijuana strains are better suited to Searching for the best cannabis seeds for outdoor growing? Learn more about the benefits of outdoor growing and the best strains to start with! Best Outdoor Marijuana Seeds For Your Climate In this post we’ll discuss the best outdoor strains 2020 available from a seed bank directory. But before we delve into that lets look at how to

The best marijuana seeds and strains for outdoor growing

Although cannabis is an extremely hardy plant that can grow in many different climates, there’s no doubt that some marijuana strains are better suited to outdoor cultivation than others. With the arrival of spring and the start of the outdoor season, here are some tips on the perfect varieties for growing outdoors.

Spring has arrived, awakening in many the urge to grow some cannabis in the open air, be it in a patio, balcony, or garden. If you’re one of those people, you’re definitely on the right track, as outdoor cultivation can provide you with multiple benefits.

Don’t underestimate the therapeutic power of gardening. Many people find that saying goodbye to winter by going outdoors, rolling their sleeves up, and getting their hands dirty whilst looking after their cannabis plants can be a truly relaxing experience. Besides, there’s nothing more satisfying than enjoying the marijuana that you’ve grown yourself in your very own garden.

Advantages of growing outdoors

Thanks to the power of nature, there’s no need to spend a lot of money. All you need at the beginning is some good soil, nutrients, seeds, and possibly a small greenhouse. Remember that wind, rain, and sun are all free!

When growing outdoors, sky’s the limit. You can let your plants grow as high as you wish, as long as they’re manageable, so you’ll only need a bunch of seeds if your grow is for personal use.

Nonetheless, a growing environment in the open air also presents some unique challenges, such as temperature fluctuation, the chance of torrential rains, and a higher risk of suffering pest attacks and diseases. In addition, not all strains adapt to specific climates in the same way.

Therefore, it is essential to choose the cannabis strains that are better suited to outdoor growing, so that all your efforts aren’t in vain when it comes to harvest time.

How to choose marijuana seeds for outdoors

To a large extent, the choice of strain depends on the environmental conditions of the area where you live. In humid areas with short summers, it’s best to choose varieties with a quick flowering time, which minimises the risk of fungi when the first autumn rains arrive.

If you live in a region where the warm weather only lasts between 2 and 3 months, then the autoflowering varieties are definitely your best bet. As these strains have a very short life cycle and don’t depend on the photoperiod, they are ideal for areas with short outdoor seasons.

If, on the contrary, your grow is in an area with a warm or Mediterranean climate, then you’re in luck! This type of environment meets all the ideal conditions to grow practically any type of strain.

The selection process is essential

However, you can’t assume that a specific marijuana strain will grow well outdoors no matter what. The best outdoor marijuana seeds are produced only after many years of hard work. This often involves reproducing the specimens selectively in the open air for a very long period of time.

The perfect outdoor cannabis strains are also selected to be resistant to mould, amongst other threats. The ideal outdoor strain needs to be hardy, robust, and capable of facing the worst case scenarios that nature can throw at it. Once again, these qualities are not accidental but the result of many years of thorough genetic selection and hard work, which is also our work philosophy at Kannabia Seeds.

So here’s our list of four of our best marijuana varieties to grow outdoors, that have been selected with regards to their ability to reward you for all your hard efforts.

The best autoflowering seeds for outdoors

There’s no better way to start than with this cross between the potent Amnesia Haze and the speedy Amnesia Auto. This strain was created to prove that a sativa-dominant seed can also be grown outdoors in autoflowering format; with a shortened life cycle of 70-90 days; and with adapted genetics so that it can also deliver an impressive yield outdoors (hence its XL surname). When provided with plenty of sunlight, this beauty can develop into plants that easily exceed 1.2 metres in height and yield up to 300 grams of fantastic sativa quality. Amnesia Dream XL Auto Edition will surely captivate you with its old-school Haze aroma with touches of incense, flowers, and wood, which is combined with a deliciously citric and earthy flavour.

Our automatic version of the renowned Gorilla Glue is one of the new additions to our catalogue for this season. Gorilla King Auto is definitely an option that lovers of North American flavours should consider. This strain doesn’t require much maintenance and is characterised by an outstanding yield both in terms of flowers and resin. A fabulous option for all kinds of growers whose full life cycle takes around 75 days, resulting in stunning bushy plants that develop strong branching and big buds, with an aroma and flavour surprisingly similar to the original Gorilla Glue’s… really intense, with sweet and earthy tones blended with fresh hues.

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The best feminised seeds for outdoors

If you’re growing cannabis outdoors, you should keep ZKIT Kandy Dream Edition in mind. This is a hardy indica-leaning strain that has many outstanding benefits up its sleeve. The perfect combination of the great Dutch star Somango and the North American icon Zkittlez. A really vigorous plant that’s versatile and easy to grow, so it can easily adapt to different environments. A true all-rounder that will reward you with massive amounts of weed and whose flavour is the closest thing to tasting a fruity sweet. Besides, its high THC content produces a comforting effect that leads to a state of mental happiness that is very much needed in these turbulent times.

And we finish with another new addition to Kannabia’s catalogue for this season. This certainly is a true candidate for best outdoor strain of the year. Born from the cross of Hellfire OG and White Widow, this plant is adaptable, robust, and easy to grow, which makes it a suitable option for both expert and rookie growers. With a short but productive flowering period (of only 50 days), you could think this is an autoflowering, but its height of over two metres and its yield of up to 700 grams per plant quickly erase that idea from your mind. You’ll be rewarded with compact and resinous buds that ooze a strong lemony scent derived from its complex terpene profile. This is undoubtedly a perfect example of how an outdoor cannabis plant needs to be to guarantee success this season.

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10 Best feminized seeds for outdoor growing

Few things could be more satisfying than growing your own cannabis crop. While indoor cultivation allows you to control environmental factors, such as light cycles, outdoor growing can be uniquely rewarding. Apart from the obvious perk of being able to work outside in nature, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits from outdoor growing, including:

Low Overhead: No expensive equipment or electric bills.

Environmentally Friendly: No electricity.

Larger yields: Plants have more room to spread out.

However, outdoor growing does present some challenges. You can’t control factors like the weather. Too much humidity can create fungal problems that could ruin your crop. You’ll need a mold-resistant outdoor strain that is suitable for your climate.

Another major obstacle is pollination by male plants. Unless you plan to breed intentionally, you won’t want seedy buds. Luckily, you can eliminate that problem by starting with high-quality, feminized seeds.

Let’s take a look at the 10 best feminized seeds for outdoor growing.

1. Northern Lights

A perennial favorite among cannabis growers, Northern Lights is a mixture of Afghani and Thai landrace cultivars. Rumor has it that Northern Lights was first grown on the US West Coast before heading to the Netherlands to be developed by Sensi Seeds. Since its release in 1985, Northern Lights has won more awards than any other cannabis strain. Fast-flowering Northern Lights is a hardy plant with high resistance to “bud rot,” which can be a huge problem with dense indica flowers. Northern Lights is an enduring favorite of the medical cannabis community for helping with symptoms of anxiety, depression, pain and PTSD.

Genetics: 95% indica, 5% sativa

Cannabinoid Content: 16-19% THC

Terpenes: Myrcene, caryophyllene, limonene

Average Height: 100-140 cm

Flowering Time: 50-55 days

Ideal Climate: Sunny / Mediterranean

2. White Widow

Amsterdam’s Green House Seeds released White Widow in the 1990s. The strain swept the 1995 Cannabis Cup awards with 1st Place in the Bio category and 1st Place overall. A cross between a Brazilian sativa landrace and a South Indian indica, White Widow produces fluffy buds with a generous coating of resin. The strain responds particularly well to the ScrOG growing technique.

Genetics: 65% indica / 35% sativa

Cannabinoid Content: 16-25% THC

Terpenes: Myrcene, caryophyllene, limonene

Average Height: 60 cm

Yield: 180 grams/plant

Flowering Time: 50-55 days

Ideal Climate: Temperate / Continental

3. Jack Herer

Sensi Seeds bred Jack Herer with a cross between Red Skunk and Haze. The creators were so impressed by the results that they endowed the strain with the name of the famous cannabis activist and author of the iconic book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes . Jack Herer’s namesake strain went on to earn the 1994 Cannabis Cup. Jack Herer feminized seeds yield dense, resinous buds with rust-colored hairs and an earthy, pine fragrance. A favorite of the medical cannabis community, Jack Herer imparts energetic feelings due to a high THC content. The strain responds particularly well to the SOG and ScrOG growing techniques.

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Genetics: 55% sativa / 45% indica

Cannabinoid Content: 15-19% THC

Terpenes: Terpinolene, caryophyllene, myrcene

Average Height: 100-150 cm

Flowering Time: 50-55 days

Ideal Climate: Sunny / Mediterranean

4. Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison. The strain sprouted from San Francisco, California, and gained several Cannabis Cup awards. Girl Scout Cookies has a sweet flavor with an earthy fragrance. Medical cannabis users seek out this strain for nausea, loss of appetite and chronic pain. Girl Scout Cookies buds grow in a spiraling pattern and sprout purple sugar leaves and bright orange pistols. Girl Scout Cookies resists both pests and mildew, making the strain well-suited for outdoor growing.

Genetics: 60% sativa / 40% indica

Cannabinoid Content: 22% THC

Terpenes: Caryophyllene, limonene, humulene

Flowering Time: 55-63 days

Ideal Climate: Sunny / Mediterranean

5. Afghani Hindu Kush

Accustomed to growing in the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan, this indica strain is a favorite for outdoor gardeners. Afghani Kush has an excellent ability to resist mold and disease. White Seed Label Company first distributed the seeds in the Netherlands. Traditionally, Afghani Kush has been a favorite strain for making hash. Medical cannabis physicians prescribe Afghani Kush for a myriad of conditions, including depression, PMS, migraines and muscle spasms.

Genetics: Mostly Indica

Cannabinoid Content: 20-25% THC

Terpenes: Myrcene, limonene, caryophyllene

Average Height: 90-130 cm

Yield: Medium, 500-600 grams per plant

Flowering Time: 50-55 days

Ideal Climate: Temperate / Continental

6. Nebula II CBD

CBD Crew and Paradise Seeds bred Nebula with nearly equal amounts CBD to THC. Nebula CBD produces extra-large buds with a fruity, earthy aroma and honey undertones. The plants respond favorably to the Sea of Green (SOG) training method, which can boost yields up to 700 grams per plant. Medical cannabis doctors prescribe Nebula II CBD for patients with pain conditions and anxiety. The strain’s calming properties are balanced by an uplifting cerebral effect, which allows patients to de-stress without becoming overly drowsy.

Genetics: 60% sativa / 40% indica

Cannabinoid Content: 7% CBD to 6% THC

Terpenes: Yet to be analyzed

Average Height: 55-60 cm

Yield: up to 700 grams/plant

Flowering Time: 60 days

Ideal Climate: Temperate / Continental

7. Super Skunk

Sensi Seeds created award-winning Super Skunk by backcrossing Skunk #1 with Afghani genes. Fast-growing Super Skunk plants produce dense flowers with a pungent skunk fragrance. Super Skunk seeds perform especially well outdoors in large containers. Super Skunk imparts deeply relaxing effects that can help with pain and stress management. A delightfully sweet taste compliments the strain’s potent aroma.

Genetics: Mostly indica

Cannabinoid Content: 15% THC

Terpenes: Yet to be analyzed

Average Height: Medium

Average Yield: up to 600 grams/plant

Flowering Time: 50-55 days

Ideal Climate: Temperate / Continental

8. Diesel

Diesel is a popular sativa-dominant strain with a potent gassy aroma. Originally developed by Dinafem Seeds, Diesel is a cross between a Mexican sativa and an Afghani cultivar. Herb connoisseurs prize Diesel for its energizing properties and its distinctive flavor. Diesel combines skunk and diesel aromas with a citrusy aftertaste. Medical cannabis patients choose Diesel to alleviate depression, stress and chronic pain. Feminized Diesel seeds produce tall plants with long, fluffy buds.

Genetics: 80% sativa / 20% indica

Cannabinoid Content: 19% THC

Terpenes: Caryophyllene, limonene, myrcene

Average Height: 100-150 cm

Flowering Time: 45-55 days

Ideal Climate: Temperate / Continental

9. Somango

Soma Seeds bred Somango by crossing Super Skunk, Jack Herer, and Big Skunk Korean. Somango leaves take on a distinctly purple hue during maturity. Serious Somango cultivators recommend using the Sea of Green method to increase the yield. Somango emits a fruity aroma and imparts a clear-headed euphoria that is excellent for depression-relief and creative work.

Genetics: 75% indica / 25% sativa

Cannabinoid Content: 17-20% THC

Terpenes: To be determined

Average Height: 100-130 cm

Flowering Time: 50-55 days

Ideal Climate: Temperate / Continental

10. Cheese

Cheese is an indica-dominant hybrid of Skunk #1 and Afghani indica from the UK. Cheese won the Best Indica Cup twice and the overall Cannabis Cup once. Cheese gets its name from its unique aroma and appearance. The dense flowers emit a strong sour fragrance reminiscent of aged cheese. This bushy plant grows thick resin-coated buds with yellow-orange pistols. Cheese is easy to grow, which makes the strain an excellent choice for folks just beginning to grow outdoors.

Genetics: 60% indica / 40% sativa

Cannabinoid Content: 16% THC

Terpenes: Caryophyllene, limonene, myrcene

Average Height: 100-120 cm

Flowering Time: 45-55 days

Ideal Climate: Temperate / Continental

Still can’t decide which of these enticing strains to choose for your outdoor grow? High Supplies has put together a feminized mix so that you can try out a few outdoor strains.

Best Outdoor Marijuana Seeds For Your Climate

In this post we’ll discuss the best outdoor strains 2020 available from a seed bank directory. But before we delve into that lets look at how to pick the right seeds when growing outdoors and the advantages of growing cannabis outdoors:

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How to pick the right seeds when growing outdoors

Don’t just presume that a specific marijuana strain will grow well outdoors. Just because it flourishes indoors doesn’t mean that it’ll do well outdoors. The best outdoor marijuana seeds are produced only after many years of hard work. Oftentimes, this entails selectively breeding outdoors over many years.

The perfect outdoor cannabis strains are also chosen to be resistant to mildew, mold, and other outdoor threats. An excellent outdoor strain needs to be robust, tough and capable of dealing with the worst that nature throws at it. Again, these qualities are not accidental but as a result of many years careful genetic selection and hard work.

Fast Buds is a seed bank specializing in autoflowering strains of cannabis. The company began in 2010 before autoflowers became popular. Nonetheless, Fast Buds’ founders saw an opportunity in developing autoflowers and so rose to the challenge. What began as genetic experimentation in a garage has since blossomed into a global operation, with 1,128 stores located around the globe. Currently based in Spain, the company has developed a wide range of strains of the Indica, Sativa, and hybrid varieties. To find out more about the different varieties of cannabis Fast Buds offers, check out their products at .

The Merits of Growing Cannabis Outdoors

Marijuana is one of the oldest crops to this day and for years this plant has been grown outdoors. Indoor breeding has only been around for about a century—this is as a result of prohibition, forcing weed production into secret reserves. Consequently, most developments in cultivation came about in this scenario.

Over the years, the industry expanded its research and outdoor growing came into the limelight again. This is important not only for growers but for consumers as well—as it provides even more info to go by when choosing the perfect strains.

There are three important benefits of growing marijuana outdoors as opposed to indoors.

1. Cannabis in its Natural Environment

Fans of indoor growing argue that this factor is a negative to outdoor growth as the environment is open to uncontrollable variables. These consist of infestations, seasonal changes and more.

Nevertheless, this is where the plant belongs. Many find the flavor and aroma of outdoor plants superior to their strictly-controlled indoor counterparts. Breeding marijuana outdoors promises more return on your investment and potent plants.

2. Low Production Costs

Growing cannabis indoors involves a lot of expenses that breeding outdoors doesn’t. The high prices consist of the rising costs of energy, additional labor, and climate control systems.

A high turnover with indoor growing requires more work to be done — watering, feeding and pruning, to name a few. This translates to more employees. On the flip side, outdoor farms entail only a handful of workers.

3. Better Yield

In a number of ways, growers have more control over indoor plants. It’s why this kind of breeding is linked with perfect outcomes.

However, this also accounts for the lower yields of indoor growing. With limited space, growers cannot come close to the harvest size of outdoor grows.

The following is a list of the best outdoor strains 2020:

1. Ruderalis Indica Cannabis Seeds

Ruderalis Indica is an early flowering strain that can flourishes in almost all types of weather, even in cool temperatures. Its impressive resistance makes it perfect for growers who don’t profit from optimal growing parameters and beginners looking to get a good harvest.

2. White Widow

This hybrid is well-known all over the cannabis world for many reasons, most of which started with awards in the 90s. White Widow has a high THC content that is known to improve your mood while also relieving pains and aches.

The colas are thick and white in color giving the strain its name. That resin also helps make this strain resistant to diseases, pests, and fungi. This is why it’s recommend for outdoor growers since they face a reduced risk of failure.

3. Durban Poison

This is a perfect strain to grow outdoors and can be grown year round so long as the weather is right during harvest time. This strain thrives in the outdoors and is just right for any sativa lover.

4. Moby dick

This is a sativa dominant strain that thrives outdoors. It was born out of crossing two legends: White Widow and haze. Merging these premium genetics resulted in a towering beast that produces 21 percent THC. Moby Dick calls for a fairly spacious garden and does well when cultivated directly in the soil.

5. Hulkberry

If you’re breeding outdoors and want the best possible yields, then Hulkberry is your best bet! This sativa-dominant breed is the product of mixing OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel genetics. With a THC content of 27 percent, Hulkberry grows up to 2m in height and will give you a bountiful harvest of about 700 grams per plant.


While all the strains highlighted above are great to start on for the outdoor grower, always do your research and don’t give up if there are some losses in your crops at first. Happy growing!