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Effects of Hallucinogenic Magic Mushrooms and Truffles

Magic mushrooms have the ability to transport you to a happy world, full of color and joy. But they can also lead you straight to hell if not used responsibly. The effects of hallucinogenic mushrooms and truffles can be predictable, which is why it is so important to be informed and to know how to react if necessary. In this post we review the effects of consuming the different varieties of psilocybes.

➕ How are the effects produced by Magic Mushrooms in general?

A few minutes after eating hallucinogenic truffles or mushrooms you perceive a strange sensation, it is the rise. If you’re not very experienced it can be a bit confusing, because it mixes of euphoria and joy with a kind of stomach ache. These are the first symptoms of psilocybes intoxication.

After the rise the effect stabilizes, you are aware of the alteration of consciousness, time seems to stop in a dimension where forms lose their original pattern, the colors gain brightness and intensity and the senses are sharpened.

In this phase the environment and the atmosphere will set the course of the trip, as the effect can change a lot whether it is a session alone or in company, at home or outdoors, and even at night or during the day. When you eat magic mushrooms in company, a kind of collective consciousness is created, and it usually goes along with a lot of laughter, a feeling of love for others and positive energies.

On the other hand, when you eat them alone, usually the effect is more introspective, creative, deep thinking and desire to rethink things. In this sense it can be very revealing, memories are more powerful and it can really help you to have a different point of view on day-to-day issues. Great for learning about yourself.

After a while, usually a couple of hours (even if it seemed more to you) the descent begins. In this phase you usually notice a great relaxation accompanied by a kind of feeling of peace and satisfaction, and it is the perfect moment to review the experience. It’s like when you’re on the plane back from holidays and the trip allows you to remember the best moments of those days.

Infographic representing the different phases of magic mushrooms’ effect*

✅ What are the possible after effects or side effects of Magic Mushrooms?

They can be divided into physical and mental negative effects. Although the most uncomfortable ones may be at a stomach level, the worst ones are undoubtedly at a psychological level.

Magic Mushroom effects on the body

When magic mushrooms are eaten raw, their digestion can be accompanied by stomach ache, nausea, gas and even puke. Other physical side effects can be low blood pressure or headache, but the most annoying ones, as we said, are at a digestive level.

Magic Mushroom effects on the brain

Dangerous negative effects of hallucinogenic truffles and mushrooms are mental, as confusion can lead to panic. That’s why it’s so important that someone acts as a keeper, and the moment a psychonaut enters that state they have to calm him/her down, otherwise fear can lead to anxiety.

Image showing the side effects of eating hallucinogenic truffles or mushrooms*

👾 Kinds of Psychedelic Magic Mushrooms and their effects

It’s the most commonly grown strain of hallucinogenic mushrooms. Physically, B-plus produces less nausea than other varieties, so it is more comfortable on the stomach. Its power is medium, with good creativity and psychedelia in medium/high doses.

The ideal variety of magic mushrooms for beginners. Its visual effects are very moderate, a slight distortion of reality accompanied by great introspection. Fun and laughter are also assured with these psilocybes.

Medium power, similar to B+ but with larger specimens. It is a good option as an intermediate step between Mexicanas and other more potent strains, although it can also be useful for beginners in low doses.

Although more potent than Mexicana or B+, Colombian psilocybe produce a very social effect. Their visuals are not very strong, the effect stands out more because of the interaction and the deep philosophical thoughts..

The power of Thai variety is similar to that of the Colombian ones, but their effect is different. In this case the visuals are more intense, and the feeling of well-being is outstanding. Creativity is lower than with other varieties and they can be useful for beginners as long as the dose is not too high.

Many users’ favorite strain. It is not the most powerful, but it produces a unique quality of effect, which mixes visual and auditory hallucinations in equal parts with great introspection. The effect of this strain varies greatly whether it is consumed alone or in company.

Its power is medium, at a level similar to Thai ones, with a balanced effect between visuals, creativity and deep revealing thoughts. It is suitable for inexperienced growers because of its ease of cultivation and potency in low and medium doses.

These fungi are similar to the Golden Teacher and the Thai mushrooms as regards effect, with an incredible quality. Visuals are its greatest strength, which despite not being the most powerful are of a palpable reality. The descent is very enjoyable because so many things go through your head in such a short time that the brain has trouble assimilating.

Very powerful both in creativity and in transcendental thoughts, but not very strong on a visual level, so they are controllable. It can be said that a low dose of Amazonian is like a medium dose of Tampanensis, because its effect is very similar but of a higher potency level.

This is the strain that causes the most powerful visual effects, and not only that, on a philosophical level they are also the most powerful. They are psilocybes for experienced users, although they provoke many laughs and absurd thoughts.

It is the most powerful among the Mexican varieties. Its effect is similar to the McKennaii ones, but a little less strong. Everyday objects become interesting again, as you will see them as you have never seen them before. Balanced and quality power.

Medium strength in general can be a good choice for beginners, as long as it is taken in low doses. The effect is very similar to the Cubensis B+ but one point less powerful. Great balance between visual, philosophical and social effects.

Its power is in the middle/high part of the overall magic mushroom effect ranking. The high quality visuals stand out, not to mention the deep thoughts and of course the uncontrolled laughter.

Vietnamese psilocybes are particularly powerful on a visual level. With the right dose, hallucinations can become very strong, totally changing reality in some cases. They invite socializing if you don’t overdo it, because with high doses they can become quite introspective.

One of the most powerful magic mushroom varieties, practically at the level of McKennaii ones, and with a very similar type of effect. Visuals predominate but always with a great load of thoughts, both illogical and hyperrealistic.

Very similar in general to Albino A+, both in appearance and effects, nevertheless the Moby descends from the Albino ones. With the right dose it transports you to a higher dimension, the senses are sharpened and the experience can be extrasensory.

They are from a different genre than Psilocybe, with a higher alkaloid content, especially psilocine. Its effect expands the mind, allows you to carry several thoughts at once. With high doses the visuals are quite strong, space and time are distorted and they invite introspection.

Nepal Chitwan

Similar to Orissa India variety in both geographical proximity and effects. Its power is medium but very well balanced. At low doses the perception of reality hardly changes, but with medium or high doses visions and laughter get quite out of control.

⚠️ Conclusion

The effects of magic mushrooms can vary greatly depending on variety, dosage, environment, mood or metabolism. The best thing is to get informed to try to predict the experience as much as possible, let yourself go and enjoy the trip. If you liked this post consider sharing it so it can be useful to more people.

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