beautiful cannabis

Beautiful cannabis


6 of the Most Beautiful Cannabis Strains in Existence

I always drool when I happen upon those most beautiful cannabis photos of jaw dropping cannabis strains. They intrigue me, shining in all of their colorful opulence. I never know what strains they are and I generally chalk it up to some kind of photo shop because there’s NO WAY my taste buds will ever meet such a supreme and majestic entity. Fret not, my friends! In this article, I’m going to introduce you to some of those show stopping Cannabis buds!

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#1 Rainbow Kush (Most Beutiful Cannabis)

The first contender, Rainbow Kush, is named for it’s array of colors that emerge during flowering. You will find clumps of fluorescent yellows, purples, oranges, and greens. This strain is an explosion of fruity, sweet and spicy flavors. It has a piney and skunky scent and will surely stick to your fingertips as you inspect it’s innards. It’s made in different ways.

Some grow it by crossing Hindu Kush and Master Kush. Others cross Blueberry and Dancehall. It’s a 50/50 split between indica and sativa so this cannabis won’t leave you couch locked!

#2 Black Russian

Then there’s Black Russian. It often flowers in deep purple hues with thick, small and tan hairs. It can also yield deep, crimson reds and wine tones. When grown in warmer weather, you may see some light red and golden buds. This strain embodies the flavors of tropical mango, citrus and lemon. It was conceived by Black Domina and White Russian. It is an indica heavy strain which will heavily relax your body and it is great for helping you to sleep!

black russian cannabis

#3 Pink Flower Shaman

This brilliantly colored Cannabis leaves us in awe with it’s ruby red harvest that sometimes appears pink and velvety. This strain makes you feel all warm and fuzzy just looking at it! It’s dubbed Pink Flower Shaman. This strain will leave you recharged. It’s is a great choice for your daily wake and bake! It will raise your vibes if they’re feeling down and make those aches and pains subside at the very moment the bronchioles in your lungs absorb the THC rushing in. It comes highly recommended!


#4 Platinum Bubba Kush

This seedling of OG Kush and Bubba Kush is nothing short of greatness. When I buy a fresh sack, I have to fight the urge to carry it with my pinky up. Platinum Bubba Kush glimmers like the precious metal, Platinum. It has a nice coating of orangish brown hairs gracing the outer hemisphere of it’s abundant buds. Smoking it makes you feel like royalty all while making your limbs feel like melted butter amalgamating with whatever it is you choose to sit on for the next hour or two after consuming. It contains a very Sweet, spicy and floral tang. Something worth savoring! Easily one of our FAVORITES cannabis strains.

platinum bubba kush

#5 Panama Sedena Red

Panama Sedena Red is one of those strains that resembles a sunset on a west coast Florida beach. It boasts vivid red hairs, bright greens, light red and pale pink colors that leads you to believe it could not be a real, tangible thing. It’s sativa so you can count on this strain to help amplify your creativity, happiness and energy levels. It’s a rare delicacy due to it’s lengthy growth process but hey, you can’t rush perfection!

Panama Sedena Red

#6 Vietnamese Black

This sativa appears so dark, it looks black. It walks a fine line between looking already smoked and delectable. It is most surely the latter! Vietnamese Black is the exception to the rule that “pure sativa causes paranoia and anxiety”. It will have you perked up but relaxed at the same time if you know what I mean! This strain is what my friends and I call a “creeper” haha it slowly invades and conquers every cell in your body to form a dictatorship one could only dream about. Talk about a truly exotic cannabis strains.

It’s wild to think even the slightest variable could be responsible for an amazing representation of nature. The colors of the rainbow shine so bright in these buds! Now, when you see these names or photos, you won’t accidentally pass up an opportunity to smoke some of the rarest, most colorful Mary Jane on Earth. Or even just simply dream about smoking them someday because you know they’re real and not a high-quality edited photo!

These are the most beautiful cannabis that strain. In the CBD business, These long term beauties is essential to everyday joy.

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About the Author:

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Johanna is a contributing editor at Better Homes & Gardens, and her work has been featured in Martha Stewart Living, The San Francisco Chronicle, and Alta Journal of California. Previously, Johanna spent ten years at Sunset Magazine, beginning with a shovel in her hands and culminating as head of the garden department. In 2016, she oversaw the creation of new editorial test gardens as part of the brand’s historic move from Menlo Park to Oakland and Sonoma.

Use beautiful cannabis images in your Zoom meetings! Download beautiful cannabis images from Johanna Silver’s new book This is our first spring season with “social distancing” and many of us