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BCNorthernlights: Producer Pro’s/Cons

AL B Tokin
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AL B Tokin
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It might be hard to beat for a “take it out of the box, fill it, and grow”–type system. But if you do some research, you can give yourself many more options for less money.

A user here named DonkFrog runs one and has great results with it. Look him up and ask a few questions.


bcnl producer newbie

Hey, just picked up a used bc northernlights producer and am getting it going. Trying some Afghani, Platinum, and “OG Fire”. First post here so much respect to everyone here. thanks for sharing your knowledge.


Do more reading and get 2-3 times the gear to grow with.


I got some; producer, bloombox and mothership.

The plug and play simplicity is what sold me as a newbie and I am pretty sure that is the market they cater to. The craftmanship really is top notch. They produce a slight bit of noise, heat and light so are not completely stealth. they are also big (the producer and bloombox). I just came up with a cover story of what they are for but they are still better off being put in a basement where no one sees them. The room they go in will need A/C.
If you know what you are doing then you could design something yourself and get a lot more for a lot less. But then again the convenience of having cabinets is great.


I got a Bloom box, working on my second grow (check my grow report), I had two plants in there and got a nice harvest, at least to last me a year in a single grow.

The draw back is the height restriction, you cant grow monsters in there, but you can train them a little. For me it was definitely a boom to have a nice set up that is clean, professional and came with everything I needed to get started.


I bought a producer new and out the door it came to around 6 grand. I didn’t know anything about hydroponics back then, and I owe pretty much everything I know now to my knowledge aquired on the internet, and being able to experiment on that machine. I’m not sure I would have been able to do what I’ve done without something as automated as the producer, nor would I have had the know-how or ability to make my own system, as I’m a genius with computers, but a total dunce when it comes to tools.

That being said.

I think it’s a very bad price, period. The tech support is nice, but the guys on the online tech support are typically very inarticulate and can be difficult to communciate with. 6 grand is NOT for the new models with the computer that does PH, that will cost you somewhere around 8 grand total, which is outrageous. Understand the yield for these boxes is typically around 1 pound a harvest. It takes excellent genetics, and absolutely no mistakes to break anywhere around 1.5+ lbs, and there are plenty of repeat harvesters in these machines that still make 1 lb. This is almost exclusively related to genetics. expect no more than 7-8 ounces for example with any true kush strain.

If you do the math, and realistically calculate a pound harvest (which u probably wont get on your first time), it’ll take av ery long time for this box to pay itself off if you calculate running costs. People claim thix bos pays itself off in the first run, and I seriously doubt that. I’m in BC and AAA goes for 3 grand an elbow or less, so, this is not a profit machine. However if you’re a medical grower and you’re looking for something easier than a normal self made hydro setup, this machine might be for you.

Consider a few things before you buy:

1). you’ll need an air conditioner, period.
2). you might want toconsider installing another air pump and using an extra 4 stones. I got root rot consistently until i did this, even with hydrox, benifical bacterias, etc.
3). The box is loud, its bright, and it stinks. The carbon filter does only about 50 percent of the required work, and a can filter is a must in my view if you want 100 percent safety. The buzzing is quite noticeable even in the other room (airpump), and there are small holes all over the machine. It is by no means air-tight in this regard, trust me. I’ve heard people saying you could put a tablecloth over it and your mother wouldnt know it was in the room. YA EFFIN RIGHT BUDDY. Maybe if your grandmother is Hellen Keller.

I seriously recommend u buy it used and get the help you need on the forums. It’s just not worth it new guys, take it from someone whos been there.

I heard the stories but can anyone tell me the truth about turnkey systems ? I'm thinking about buying one, finally …….