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Strain Review: Pickin’ Banjo

A Sativa-hybrid flower puts the grass in bluegrass with a chatty, sociable buzz that’s suitable for a music festival.

There are no strings attached to the new cannabis strain Banjo — just orange hairs, a remarkable scent profile, and an immediate, hard-hitting buzz.

Banjo is a marijuana varietal we’d recommend for people who smoke weed every day. It has the high-caliber potency to satisfy longtime smokers, but its psychoactive effects will allow you to keep it together in social situations.

The name Banjo is not a homage to the musical instrument, but instead to parent strains Boost and Tangelo. You won’t find the citrus flavor and smell characteristics of Tangelo, but Banjo smokers will feel a noticeable Boost.

Banjo has a super-high THC content of more than 23 percent, and a trace of CBD that has creeper effects way beyond its labeled 0.9 percentage. Those effects will set in eventually, so this is not marijuana you want to smoke anytime before work or serious commitments.

But Banjo is a good friend to bring along to fun social commitments, particularly those at which other serious stoners will be in attendance.

Firing up the Banjo elicits a head buzz that hit me within 20 or 30 seconds. I was high immediately, but in a true mood-enhancing way that completely allowed for social engagement. Two large hits produced a reasonably lasting 45-minute buzz for an everyday pot-smoker.

But some longer-term relaxation effects will remain in store, too. Banjo is kind of a motor-skill melter, with sedative qualities that reveal themselves over the ensuing hours. (Writing this review on Banjo has this critic typing particularly slowly.)

This strain packs a very impressive piney smell right out of the cannister. Shut your eyes and it will whisk you off to the redwoods.

Banjo buds have an extremely intricate surface of exterior crystals, and a light-green shade with a regular smattering of conspicuous orange hairs.

While Banjo is a good social strain, be aware that it will make you “look high.” Your eyelids will get droopy, red-eye effects are a strong likelihood, and you may not be the fastest or nimblest walker.

This strain’s sedative qualities also have their advantages. Banjo is an excellent complement for sleep, sex, and anything you enjoy doing laying down.

It’s a good idea to clear your dance card of any devoted physical activity in advance of smoking Banjo, but that doesn’t mean you can’t function outside of your house. Banjo is an excellent varietal for smoking out veteran users, and does not elicit paranoia or antisocial tendencies.

Just remember that you’re going to feel the dash of CBD kick in, so be prepared for Banjo to play some slower numbers later on.

Potency: A formidable 23 percent THC.

Smell: Pungently piney, yet refined.

Taste: Extremely full, but a resiny smoke. The tangerine taste does not come across.

Appearance: Very impressive to your friends who like to examine weed.

Medical Application: Medication circles at parties and social events.

Effect: An instant head high that avoids anxiety, but be warned that it will inhibit productivity.

A Sativa-hybrid flower puts the grass in bluegrass with a chatty, sociable buzz that’s suitable for a music festival. There are no strings attached to…