bakker bros genetics

Bakker bros genetics

Stacked Deck
Ante Up x Killer Instinct x Monumental’s Dam
Bred by Midwest Genetics
Stress Negative

THE ONE that has looked the part from day one! Stacked Deck is the boar that Steve decided to keep and utilize out of a litter that generated over $60,000, including Center Stage, the Champion boar from the World Pork Expo in 2016. This boar is second to none on his running gears and combines that with the look and stoutness needed to make hogs better. A big centered boar that is as wide up top as he is at the ground. Has seen and will continue to see heavy use here as well as at Midwest Genetics. If you’re a breeder who has customers who like to see their show hogs look show ready everyday of their life, make sure they’re playing with a STACKED DECK!

Double Vision x Pipeline
Stress Negative

A stout skulled, monster legged boar that is extremely bold in his rib. He’s got the perfect length of body to make barrows while still being long hipped. We’re not saying he’s a great one, he’s merely a piece to the puzzle. The pieces he provides you can’t find in a feed bucket. He comes from a very successful sow family for us. We have a lot of confidence in this one.

Breeding Tip: Take to sows that are longer and prettier fronted that have great back shape and need bone and more turn to their rib cage.

Special Reserve
Speechless x Watch This
Stress Negative
Purebred Hampshire
Owned with Padlock Pork

This boar was the reserve champion boar at the 2015 Iowa State Fair Hampshire show. This is a tall fronted, big legged boar that has a ton of muscle and power. He’s agile on his feet and legs and has a great appetite.

Breeding Tip: Use to make taller fronted Hampshires with muscle and bone.

5th Class 3 Cross Boar
2017 SWTC

Thank You to Cooper and Flash for their $7,000 purchase!

Hand Out
4th Class 2 Cross Boar
2017 SWTC

A big thank you to Southern Gold Sires for their $5,250 purchase!

4th Class 4 Hamp boar
2017 SWTC

Thank you to Coleman Morrison on your purchase! В

Bakker Bros. Genetics provides quality genetics for the showpig industry, located in Dike, Iowa.

Bakker bros genetics

Bakker Brothers, wholly owned by Zaad Holdings Ltd., announces the resignation of Wouter Bakker, CEO of the company. René Rijs, cu.

On July 19, 20, 21 and 22 July the Bakker Brothers Jordan Co. trial station will open its doors for visitors. Our open field days are the.

Our fields in the Arusha region, Tanzania are open for visitors on 18-22 May, 2020. Feel welcome to stop by to see the many new varieties.

Bakker Brothers Jordan hosted a training course on eggplant pollination by hand. Agri-engineers recently completed this course, and a gra.

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On July 19, 20, 21 and 22 July the Bakker Brothers Jordan Co. trial station will open its doors for visitors. Our open field days are the.

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Bakker Brothers is a seed company with a long and rich tradition.