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Bad Azz Kush (Barney’s Farm) feminized

Bad Azz Kush’s unbridled power and potency are simply incredible. Only 100-110cm in height, this strain can produce 700g/m² within 50-60 days. Some breeders in Los Angeles crossed Afghan Kush, Original OG and Urkel and the result is this 100% indica beauty. Her buds are bristling with resin and have a subtle forest fruit aroma. Rookies beware, 24% of what you are going to smoke are pure THC!

Bad Azz Kush (Barney’s Farm) feminized
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Barney’s Farm – Bad Azz Kush: 100% indica with a whopping 24% THC

Bad Azz Kush is fueled by unbridled indica power and filled to the brim with potency! Some breeders in Los Angeles invested a good amout of time in crossing Afghan Kush with Original OG till they had most promising phenotypes and then they went ahead and added Urkel to the mix. Years later the strain reached “Bad Azz” status and was ready to hit the market – with an enormous penetrating power!

Bad Azz Kush runs on 100% indica genetics, giving her extreme vigor. Reared indoors, your plants should reach full maturity after only 50-60 days in blossom. During those days the plants pump up their inflorescences to an impressive size. Despite reaching only 100-110cm in height, this bad-ass strain yields whopping 700g/m²! And now grab a seat and buckle up, 24% (in words: twenty-four percent) of this pile of weed are THC, accompanied by 1.1% CBD.

I have run out of exclamation marks by now. Sample her subtle forest fruit aromas and you will encounter what it means to be a “Bad Azz”. By the way, it is named after rapper Bad Azz from Tha Dogg Pound Gangsta Crips, a friend of Barney.

Bad Azz Kush is fueled by unbridled indica power and filled to the brim with potency! 24% of what you are going to smoke is pure THC!

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