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Miracle Gro is underrated.

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Ok so I’ve always heard “stay away from MG. ” then i got to thinkin ya know its prob like most things where people just accept what they hear. is MG actually that bad?? So i did some searching and it look like a lot of people are beginning to erase this myth as they had amazing grows with MG. Claiming the bad rep has become overblown! The only gripe some people have is the time realeased nutes can cause over ferterlization of the plants.

My question is would you recomment MG stadard mix or MG organic mix. Organic is 10-5-5, standard is 24-8-16. Ill be honest im not super familiar with how and when the npk ratio effects pot plants. Help there please? So do you agree MG is good for the casual grower and help me understand the impact of soil npk ratios! Thanks

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There have been several successful grows using MG soils. I don’t think anyone here is saying that it just flat out won’t work and grow, but it is more than generally steered away from here at this forum because most of us are growing Autoflowering plants. These cannabis plants in particular do not do well with any nutrients early in the life cycle. And with slow release it’s harder to control what the nutrient feeds are because of what is released over time when you water from the soil. I used MG perlite and it has screwed me over pretty good. The NPK is Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Your three basic all around nutrients that plants need. That being said there are other nutrients that you need but many nute lines include these or you get extra supplements.
So in conclusion, no. I personally do not recommend MG products for AF cannabis. It’s easier to use for photo period cannabis and your standard fruits, veggies and other herbs.


For every one successful grow with MG, I can find you dozens of others with burned plants and pissed off growers. Especially with autoflowers which tend to be more nute sensitive than photo plants. Is there a reason why you are considering MG instead of nutes that are more cannabis friendly? The Better Gro orchid nutes sold at Lowe’s have been known to work great and they’re very affordable.

Check out this link for a good explanation of NPK and how they affect cannabis, associated deficiencies, etc.

Ok so I've always heard "stay away from MG!!!!" then i got to thinkin ya know its prob like most things where people just accept what they hear….is MG… ]]>