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AutoUltimate Grow And Smoke Review

AutoUltimate Grow And Smoke Review

Dutch Passion AutoUltimate comes with exceptional genetics which can allow harvests of 200g++ from a single plant 75 days after germinating the seed. Its one of our best automatics, the genetics come from our photoperiod classic ‘The Ultimate’ which is one of our heaviest yielding and one of our strongest, we used genetics from our proven best seller AutoMazar during the process of automating the genetics.

Above and below AutoUltimate grown by ‘Insert’ in deep water culture using LED. Numerous heavy blooms, great plant structure, nearly 300g harvest. Note the length of each bloom. Most home growers will be satisfied with this harvest quantity and plant structure

Grown under LED using deep water culture

The AutoUltimate in this weeks blog was grown by ‘Insert’ under LED using deep water culture (DWC). Insert has also made grow diaries of our AutoBlueberry, Tundra, Blue AutoMazar and StarRyder. DWC is a hydroponic growing method recognised as one of the fastest ways to grow large cannabis plants. In DWC the cannabis roots grow into a (20 litre) nutrient bucket.

Normally the roots would rot in water, but when an air-stone produces large volumes of bubbles in the bucket the roots thrive with plenty of oxygen nutrition and an endless stream of nutrients supplied by the grower. Automatics thrive in this environment under a daily light allowance of 20 hours, followed by a period of 4 hours darkness.

Bloom starts at 3-4 weeks

They begin to bloom automatically at around 3-4 weeks and are fed in a similar way to traditional varieties. The potency of the best auto’s is the same as good quality traditional varieties.

Above, solid and dense blooms. Strong and long lasting. The usual rich resin coating guarantees a potent and long lasting high often with fruity lemon and coffee aromas

AutoUltimate Grow And Smoke review by insert

The pictures and words in this weeks review come from Insert, the original grow diary is here.

“If I grew her again, which I would in a heartbeat, I would give her my full attention, I left her alone for five days when I went out of town, her bucket was (apart for a couple of millimetres in the bottom) empty when i got home. There were many weekends where she was left alone. I can only imagine her size if I had been more attentive to the pH and EC”

“I grew her in a Hydrogrow PARRoom 90 (90x90x220) with a special reflective coating to maximize the LED reflection, with a Hydrowgrow 336X2 Light. For the most part of the grow she shared the tent with an Auto Durban Poison that was LST’d, with both plants the yield was over one gram per watt. Once the AutoDurban Poison was harvested the AutoUltimate really came into her own, she spread out and really started to fatten up. I fed her with basic ‘Advanced Nutrients’ Sensi Grow and Bloom A and B, I also used B-52, and root stimulant”

Above and below AutoUltimate offers XXL potential for the experienced home grower looking to harvest 200g+ automatics grown in optimum conditions. The variety is also robust enough to recommend to first time growers

Insert continued his review with his thoughts on the quality of the vaporized cannabis.

“Vape report : I would say the Auto Ultimate is yet another Dutch Passion strain to be reckoned with. She has a fast hitting up, creative, and fun high that will fade into a strong indica body stone if you go a bit heavy on the vaporizer. On the lighter side, just a few hits, she’ll reward you with a balanced up high which goes for at least 3 hours! I would not recommend it for those who want to sleep!”

“The most memorable thing about this grow for me was that I was ready to throw the plant away at 10 days old. After almost ten days the seedling had not put any roots in the DWC bucket (this had never happened to me before). When the root did finally appear, it was not just one, but was like ten at the same time. From that moment I recognised potential, and said this one has to go to the end, she is going to be epic !! “

Above and below Big buds the easy way, but bigger jars are preferred for AutoUltimate

Advice for future growers of AutoUltimate

“To anyone that is growing DWC or any other type of hydro. I would recommend the Heisenberg tea, as I used this to promote beneficial bacteria and fungus growth in the reservoir to inhibit the unhelpful bacteria.

Auto Ultimate likes a high EC (nutrient concentration) in Veg and flower, I found that this plant really liked between 2.1 and 2.2 EC

“Even a plant that was neglected for almost a week in bloom, and was almost thrown-away gave me almost 300g of primo bud that smells and tastes of lemon. A truly exceptional strain. Congratulations to the Dutch Passion Team!”

“One extra note she smells of sweet Lemon, and coffee. Very fast hitting, long lasting, I love it! “

AutoUltimate has been one of our most popular new autofem introductions since Think Different. AutoUltimate is tough enough for first-time growers and gives abundant harvests of resinous and fruity citrus buds together with a strong, long-lasting and very enjoyable smoke for the connoisseur home grower. But its the exceptional harvest potential which really makes this variety special and worthy of a place in your seed collection.

Dutch Passion AutoUltimate grow and smoke review by Insert. The genetics come from the 'Ultimate' and is one of our strongest and heaviest yielding.

Auto Ultimate home grown cannabis

Review with HPS lights and soil

Auto Ultimate has been regarded as one of the Dutch Passion autos with the heaviest harvests. Repeat growers also love the strong, long lasting high which combines a strong body stone with a euphoric happy high. Auto Ultimate is easy to grow, and under strong light she will grow unusually fat blooms very quickly.

Auto Ultimate is most often grown under 20 hours of daily light, and with optimum conditions she will grow tall with a heavy central bloom and 10-15 good sized peripheral blooms. Auto Ultimate grows well in soil, coco, hydroponics or any type of grow method. Its one of our heaviest yielding varieties, the photoperiod version is called The Ultimate and is also an XXL yielder.

600W HPS

In this grow ‘TDam’ used 600W HPS lights with standard reflectors in a 2.5m x 2.5m grow area. The plants were grown in square 15 litre containers of Gold Label Special Mix substrate soil. Nutrients were Gold label Base A and B, Gold Label Roots, with Ultra PK boost.


In addition, some extra nutrients were used from Advanced nutrients : Big Bud, Bud Candy and Rhino skin. The plants were given between 1.5 to 3 litres of water each day, 2 litres a day was a typical amount. The original grow review is here on the Autoflower Network.

Auto Ultimate grows steadily, female pre-flowers start to form around week 3-4. This variety often accelerates her vertical growth during weeks 4-7. Abundant bud production occurs particularly during weeks 7-10 and she is often ready to harvest around 10-11 weeks after germination.

Tall central bloom

Auto Ultimate also often continues to creep slowly taller during the later weeks of bloom, sometimes she will approach 2 metres tall under optimum conditions. The tall central bloom will often need supporting and can lean over especially in taller plants. In soil-grown marijuana plants a central support cane is often a good idea, but insert the cane while the plant is young to avoid damaging the root system.

Auto Ultimate delivers extra thick blooms

This variety grows unusually heavy blooms, if you are new to this variety you may notice how she delivers extra thick blooms and heavier harvests compared to your normal variety. Occasionally this variety will produce long blooming phenotypes which never seem to want to stop blooming. If you have the time, you may be able to allow the plants an extra week or two in your grow room and she will repay you with impressive results. Auto Ultimate may have unusually heavy harvests but she is also a seriously strong variety with THC rich dense buds and a fruity/fuel aroma. Many repeat growers select Auto Ultimate purely for the strength of the vape/smoke.


Outdoors this plant also delivers great results especially in warm sheltered and sunny grow locations with good quality moist soil. In cold outdoor climates give her a couple of weeks of 24-hour indoor light before putting her out.


But indoors, as the pictures show, Auto Ultimate can give excellent results in good conditions. Here simple 15 litre square containers with soil were used. These were hand watered with around 2 litres (sometimes more) of nutrient feed solution each day. Although many home growers like the benefits of growing with LED growlight, this grow shows that a standard 600W HPS grow light will deliver great results with good genetics.

Auto Ultimate also gives good results when growers have the time to tie her down with garden cord using low stress training (LST) techniques. For growers working in small spaces, efficiency and harvests can be maximised if the growing buds are all kept at the same optimum distance from the grow light. A screen of green (SCRoG) grow system is another way of optimising grow room efficiency and a heavy yielding vigorous variety like Auto Ultimate is well suited to it.

Great looking plants

TDam finished the grow with some great looking plants, some almost collapsing under the weight of their own buds.

Whether you are growing recreational or medical cannabis, you should try Auto Ultimate for yourself and see how much your grow room harvests can increase by. Its an easy and forgiving variety to grow, and its a variety that really delivers under intense lights. Whether you are a first time cannabis grower or a more experienced grower, Auto Ultimate will surprise you, get your feminized seeds here.

Auto Ultimate has been regarded as one of the Dutch Passion autos with the heaviest harvests. Growers love the strong, long lasting euphoric high.