auto duck

Auto Duck (Dutch Passion) feminized

Auto Duck by Dutch Passion is a stealth cannabis variety that’s ideal for growers who want to stay under the radar. Her unusual leaf shape and low odour makes it difficult to identify her as what she actually is. Add the fact that she’s potent too and you have a nice, stealthy autoflowering strain that should be high on the list of any urban cannabis growers!

Auto Duck (Dutch Passion) feminized
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Dutch Passion – Auto Duck: “Duck Feet” Perfectly Disguise this Stealthy Autoflower

The first thing you may note about Auto Duck by Dutch Passion is her unusually shaped leaves which resemble a duck’s foot. She really doesn’t look like your typical marijuana plant especially in the vegetative phase. Of course, there is a reason for this: Auto Duck by Dutch Passion is made for stealth growers who don’t want anyone to know what they’re growing!

Auto Duck is Dutch Passion’s autoflowering version of the popular Frisian Duck which they crossed with another all-time favourite, the popular Auto White Widow. The result is a potent autoflowering strain that won’t disappoint.

This easy-to-grow strain can thrive almost everywhere, whether you want to grow her indoors or outdoors or in a greenhouse. Indoors, her life-cycle is a reasonable 75 days and when you grow our outdoors she’ll be ready to harvest in about 85-90 days. Of course, since she is an autoflower you won’t have to worry about light cycles which make her a good plant to grow even for less-experienced cannabis growers.

AutoDuck brings decent yields to the table although she may not be breaking any records there. Thanks to her White Widow genetics, her effect is very powerful and long-lasting.

AutoDuck by Dutch Passion is a great stealth cannabis variety that proves that autoflowering and stealthy doesn’t mean having to accept any compromises. She’s a perfect plant for growers who want good results while keeping their growing efforts secret and hidden from others.

Auto Duck by Dutch Passion is a stealthy cannabis plant with uniquely shaped leaves. The perfect autoflower for stealth growers!

Auto Duck grow review. Dutch Passion stealth auto with webbed leaves

Auto Duck ® is a Dutch Passion feminized auto with unusually shaped webbed leaves. Its difficult to identify as cannabis due to the unusual leaf shape. Indoors, Auto Duck® takes around 75 days from seed to harvest under 20 hours of daily light. Outdoors, Auto Duck® takes around 90 days from seed to harvest and produces plants which are often around, or just below 1m in hight. During bloom Auto Duck® has a light aroma, making it ideal for urban growing. Auto Duck® is the autoflowering version of the original photoperiod outdoor best seller Frisian Duck , she uses proven outdoor genetics and also includes genetics from AutoWhite Widow to give extra potency.

This weeks blog comes from Danish George, who grew two successive Auto Duck crops during the summer of 2016. The words and pictures come from Danish George.

In spring 2016 I was very pleased to be able to test a few seeds of the new Dutch Passion Auto Duck. As the name suggests, it’s an auto based on the legendary photoperiod Frisian Duck, a strain with a very unusual leaf structure, which doesn’t look like cannabis leaves at all. This has already made it a hit for stealthy urban growing. The new automatic version should be even more suited for balconies, small backyards and other places without too much privacy.

I decided to make an early summer grow and a late summer grow, and even tried the late grow in both pots outside and in the greenhouse. This should turn out to be a fantastic experience.

I started out the seeds in small 2 litre containers, and had them outside almost from the beginning under the nets for protection. At night I had them in my shed with windows facing south, so they would get all the light they could from early morning and late evening.

They were very healthy looking, though they didn’t grow as big in the beginning as my other autos. After about 3-4 weeks they had grown into proper small plants, with all leaves the special webbed shape of Frisian Duck, and were planted to their final 40 litre pots.

They were still rather short but they had several sets of strong side branches evenly spaced all the way from top to bottom. They didn’t react well to extra nutrients, so all I gave them was a sprinkle of regular tomato fertilizer from the plant centre. Then, as they were about 7 weeks old, and the first flowers had appeared, something really started to happen.

The plant didn’t grow to much more than 65-70 cm, but the central bud, and all the side branches really began to swell, and I could tell, that this was a truly great auto in the making. They got some bloom enhancer like my other autos, but other than that, they didn’t really need any special care. They didn’t get any mould, which I had on a few of the other autos, maybe due to a bit more open structured buds than other strains. Trimming was very easy, and already a few weeks after drying I could try my first Auto Duck smoke, which – to say the least – was a great pleasure. A nice uplifting after dinner smoke, that made me go get my garden speakers out, and sit in the summer night with my missus, and just enjoying ourselves

The outdoor plants yielded about 60-70 grams of bud per plant which really made me look forward to my late summer grow, this time in the greenhouse too.

I had started the 2nd batch in pots already, and as my greenhouse was just finished, I put 3 plants in the ground there.

Just like the first batch, they didn’t seem like much in the beginning, but ended up even better than the first batch, since the side leaves grew even longer in the greenhouse. They actually transformed so incredibly from small plants to final mature plant, that I began to call them ‘The ugly Ducklings’ like in the fairy tale, where the first considered ugly duckling turned out to be a wonderful swan in the end

My conclusion is, that this is a truly great auto, that I’ll be growing for the seasons to come. Very easy, great yielder, and a fast and stealthy too. It gets my strongest recommendation!

Congratulations to Danish George who managed two successive auto crops in the short Scandinavian growing season. Autos offer new ways for outdoors growers to grow fast crops, Auto Duck is a fast way to grow cannabis and thanks to the unusual leaf shape they are easier to grow in urban environments without being recognised. If you are looking for an easy and stealthy way to grow some cannabis this spring/summer, it doesn’t get much easier than Auto Duck®

Dutch Passion Auto Duck – naturally camouflaged auto cannabis with low smell and high THC