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Patented Automated Light Deprivation A TRUE BLACKOUT SYSTEM

Why Light Deprivation?

Whether it’s pulling tarps or utilizing cutting-edge automated curtain systems, the benefits of light deprivation (or light dep) cultivation are undeniable: it can increase harvests from one outdoor grow to at least four or five a year, it significantly cuts energy consumption and total cost of operation compared to indoor cultivation, and it’s ultimately more sustainable. Automated light deprivation greenhouses now leverage enough technology and equipment developed for indoor grow rooms (supplemental lights, ventilation, environmental controls, dehumidifiers, etc.) and use them to complement or augment the effects of outdoor growing. This allows light dep greenhouse growers to maintain optimal temperature, humidity, lighting, and the ability to guard against pests and mold to have a totally controlled environment.



Our system is not an afterthought or a product purchased from another manufacturer. It was specifically engineered in conjunction with our Sierra and Alpine Series greenhouses to promote easy assembly and functionality without sacrificing quality or design.

The patented automated system opens and closes a 3-layer, breathable blackout fabric within minutes. Using only premium grade materials including galvanized 2” x 2” square steel tubing for increased stability and marine grade lubricants, we ensure the proper functioning and complete blackout of our systems. The square tubing provides two flat surfaces to marry and create a true blackout system without the use of flimsy rubber gaskets. That, combined with our 4-corner roller assembly, fixed and leading edge (c-channel), and no-snag gutter system make our automated light deprivation system the best investment for your harvests and your business.

We have spared no expense in designing and manufacturing our systems so you, the grower, can have more time and confidence to harvest and prosper.



Four corner roller assembly

Our unique roller assembly is installed in all four corners for even weight distribution. When the system is opened or closed, the weight is evenly distributed to reduce friction and wear on the breathable blackout material.

C-Channel and fixed edge closure system

We designed a square tubing and C-channel closure system to provide a gasket-free, light tight seal. Most systems use aluminum extrusions and gaskets. Aluminum extrusions are weak and flimsy while gaskets are a maintenance issue. With our system, these issues are eliminated.

No Snag Gutter System

As opposed to the common use of ground cloth for the bottom of the curtain, we developed a snag-free metal gutter system. Our system has a supportive purlin along the length of the gutter to make it completely rigid which ensures smooth opening and closure of the curtain.

Patented automated light deprivation greenhouses delivering the advantages of indoor growing without the challenges of traditional greenhouses.

Blackout Auto Light Dep Greenhouse

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Blackout Auto Light Dep Greenhouse

Blackout Auto Light Dep Greenhouse

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Shandong,China
Brand Name: SAINPOLY
Certification: CE
Model Number: Sainpoly03

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiation
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Bulk, carton packaging
Delivery Time: 25-45Days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, L/C
Supply Ability: 10000Square Meter/Month

Blackout Auto Light Dep Greenhouse

40m Auto Light Dep Greenhouse

8m Auto Light Dep Greenhouse

Blackout light dep greenhouse

Blackout Auto Light Dep Greenhouse

Auto Light Dep Greenhouse introduction

Auto Light Dep Greenhouse, Refers to the installation of an all-blackout system frame in the original greenhouse skeleton to create a black,breath able original interior environment.the system is flexible and can be electrically controlled.

Auto Light Dep Greenhouse Features

Main Features

1.Hot-dip galvanized steel, 15 years warranty;

2.Excellent insulation performance;

4.Low invest and low running cost in winter;

Auto Light Dep Greenhouse parameters

Blackout Auto Light Dep Greenhouse

30m- 100m/ customized

Hot galvanized steel pipe

Hot galvanized steel pipe

Cooling System.irrigation System.ventilation.etc

Side or roof ventilation

Way:Sea or land transport
Time:According to the current production line and the greenhouse area arrangement, the normal 800-2000 sqm. greenhouse production time is 30 working days.
(Please consult us for the specific time)

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