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Aspen Green delivers the purest CBD products. Contact us today at 888-578-5900. Aspen Green produces USDA Organic Certified CBD oils, balms, and creams with high potencies. Are they worth the high price tag?

Premium CBD products to help you target issues at their source.

Do you know what to look for when you’re ready to choose a CBD product to put in or on your body? Check out the pure facts about Aspen Green and see why other CBD products can’t compare.

Certified USDA Organic

All of our plants are grown and harvested on USDA Certified Organic farms under strict, clean farming conditions.

Grown in Colorado, USA

Our plants are grown on the best farms in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, where the topography and climate are ideal for growing the finest-quality phytonutrient-rich CBD Oil and cannabis.

Full Sprectrum CBD Extract

Full-spectrum extraction ensures that beneficial vitamins, minerals, alkaloids, terpenes, and flavonoids are captured in every bottle and jar.

Toxin & Contaminate Free

Free of toxins, Aspen Green products include no ingredients suspected to have negative effects on the health and safety of users or on the environment.

Tested for Purity

Third-party laboratories analyze our products to ensure phytocannabinoid counts are spot on, and that there are no contaminants such as mold, salmonella, pesticides, or heavy metals.

QR Coded Boxes & Labels

You can be confident that the product in the package is the product on the package via a QR code on each and every product label and box.

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Why People Love Us

Love, love these products I love, love, love all of these products and to know that they are of the highest quality.

Great reference.. Referred from a friend and she is correct- your product is excellent. I got the balm and I love the consistency… not greasy at all. Thank…

Great customer service! I am so glad I found out about them through Realm of Caring. I recommend highly!

Professional, good listening skills, thoughtful advice, product packaging is eye appealing. All around, SATISFIED!

Awards & Recognitions

We’ve won numerous awards, including the 2020 Best New Natural Product Launch by Pharma Marketers 360 and the 2020 “American Package Design Awards” by Graphic Design USA.

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Help & More

We partner with the Realm of Caring Foundation, a wonderful organization that provides CBD, THC, Cannabis education, research, and support. To learn more, please visit or call 1-888-210-3773, and please tell them that Aspen Green sent you.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Aspen Green Review

Aspen Green is a CBD brand with three core values: quality, integrity, and transparency. And, surprisingly, the brand follows all of those values with ease.

Their products are available at high potencies and don’t contain any additives or unnatural ingredients. Plus, Aspen Green offers all the information you need about their brand, from extraction methods to hemp processing and so much more.

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Unfortunately, half of Aspen Green’s product selection is either discontinued or under reformulation. Upon some investigation, I found that they did so to increase the potency of their formulas. So, while this change may temporarily have your favorite product out of stock, it’s clear that Aspen Green stays improving and advancing their CBD. That’s something that any consumer can appreciate.

Overall, I was happy with the products I could get my hands on, as they were great for experienced consumers like myself.

Aspen Green normally has a good product selection, but they’re currently severely lacking due to discontinuations or product reformulations. Other than that, though, the products they do have come in high-potency options and produce strong effects — likely due to the full-spectrum formula. The flavors are quite pleasant, too, making the higher price range more understandable.

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