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Feminized Vs Regular seeds pros and cons

Image of a marijuana plant half Feminized half Regular

Feminized marijuana seeds have gradually displaced regular seeds as favorites in many countries. This is because these types of seeds offer certain advantages over normal or standard seeds. In this article we will take a look at the differences between them, why some are better for certain situations, and how to know which one to choose, do you feel like it? Well, let’s go see them…😜👉

⚠️ What is the difference between regular and feminized cannabis seeds?

At first glance one cannot appreciate the characteristics that differ between lifelong seeds, and the modern feminized ones. They are identical on the outside, it would be impossible to recognize if the plant comes from a regular or feminized seed.

However, in their genome they do have a big difference, and that is that feminized seeds only contain female chromosomes (XX). This is so because to create 100% female seeds it is necessary to pollinate a female with another female, that is, (XX) x (XX).

Regular seeds come from the crossing between a female (XX) and a male (XY) so their genetic information contains both sexes, and they will show one or the other depending on several factors.

The only difference is that from a feminized seed only female specimens should come out, while from a regular seed both female and male or even intersex or hermaphrodite can come out.

Hermaphrodite feminized seeds can also be found, but this is due to a bad choice of parents in the breeding of the variety, therefore, can we say that feminized seeds are good?

Many people ask us if they will have as much flavor as the others, or if they will come out strong, they even doubt if feminized seeds are less powerful, the answer is that they are completely equal to the normal ones, so if they do not come out good it is because of the production process or because of a bad selection of the parents.

image where you can see a seed of a regular variety compared to a feminized one*

🎯 Are feminized seeds better than regular ones?

It depends on what you mean by better. For growers looking for practicality and simplicity feminized seeds can be better, because they allow you to germinate just the right amount of plants you need at any particular time. With regular ones it is necessary to put approximately twice as many plants, so that when removing the males there are enough females to fill well the entire cultivation space.

With feminized varieties you can make better use of the growing space, as well as saving on substrate and products such as fertilisers, insecticides, etc. You also avoid the problem that can happen if at a given moment you forget to remove a male, or you don’t notice.

The most puritanical growers say that regular seeds contain more hybrid vigor than feminized ones. It really doesn’t have much to do, hybrid vigour is achieved by mixing 2 different breeds, and it is greater the further they are from each other. The same goes for feminized ones, whoever doesn’t believe me should cultivate a Moby Dick from Dinafem and think whether it is vigorous or not. From our point of view this is because some feminized strains on the market are S1, i.e. produced by the self-pollination of a cutting. Feminized seeds S1 may lose vigor due to inbreeding, but this also happens with regular seeds, you can see it in some landraces for example.

This is Moby Dick’s prizes list, its trophy room needs an extension to accommodate them all…

The great majority of feminized genetics on the market come from elite clones that have been extensively tested as smoking weed. This is a great advantage, as it is easier to guess the features your offspring may inherit.

To know the breeding quality of a male cannabis plant there is only one way, to check the level of its offspring. On the other hand, when you cross 2 mother plants that you have already used to smoke you already know their qualities both in the crop and in the final product, so when you make feminized seeds it is easier to guess the result of the crossing.

Many people think that regular strains are better for creating seeds, or that feminized strains are not good for breeding, we have found that this is not the case, when a plant is sexually pure female it doesn’t matter if it comes from regular or feminized seeds.

✅ Advantages of feminized seeds

  1. They come from 2 elite clones in most cases
  2. You can germinate only the seeds you need
  3. Saves on time, resources and work
  4. No sexing is required, which can be difficult for new growers

🔥 Advantages of regular seeds

  1. They are the originals, for many their genetics are purer
  2. Both males and females come out, so you can easily create new seeds
  3. They do not need the intervention of chemical agents for their production
  4. They are more effective as mother plants in serving clones according to some people

⛳ Infographics

infographics that represent the advantages of feminized and regular seeds*

✨ Conclusion

It must be clear that the most important thing in the quality of cannabis seeds is their genetics, and this is indifferent if it comes from regular or feminized plants. The choice of breeding parents is the key factor when producing seeds, not just measuring quality by the features we can measure.

It is important to know the level of stress they are capable of withstanding, as this is another quality they will transmit to their offspring, but feminized plants that are sexually stable, that withstand high levels of hydric, light, thermal stress, etc. are as good at creating seeds as stable regular ones.

If you want to see the best way to make feminized seeds I invite you to visit this other post, and if you liked this article consider sharing it, this way you help us and you can help many other growers too, thanks in advance.💪

Do you know the differences between feminized and regular cannabis seeds? ❤️ Here you can see the advantages and disadvantages of each one ✅ Come in now!

Regular VS Feminized Marijuana Seeds

With the progression of cannabis’ legalization throughout other countries and selected states, it’s possible to be filled with curiosity about taking the first step in growing and consuming marijuana. If you have gained interest in growing marijuana, it’s time to engage in discovering the growing requirements that will work for you, one of which is the seeds. Two of the most popular types of seeds are regular and feminized marijuana seeds. Choosing between these two is a good start, especially if you’re a beginner.

A fact about marijuana seeds is that there is no way to know whether a seed will grow into a male or female plant not unless you grow them. In this article, we will help you align your interests in choosing between regular and feminized marijuana seeds. We will introduce you to the features, light cycle, and advantages of each type of seed. This will develop your knowledge in understanding which type of seed is more adequate for both beginner and professional growers.

What Are the Factors to be Considered in Choosing the Type of Seeds?

Before choosing between regular and feminized marijuana seeds, you have to know the factors to be considered before purchasing them. If you haven’t seen cannabis seeds all your life, this part may be confusing. Allow us to help you out in explaining the factors to be considered in choosing the right types of seeds for growing marijuana. There are four fundamental factors and check out each of them.


To identify whether the seed is an indica or sativa, you need to check its appearance such as the pattern. Sativa seeds often come in smaller rather than indica seeds. Indica seeds are larger than sativa and they come in striped patterns too. In choosing the right strain, check out the outer appearance first to know what type of strain you’re growing.


To identify which seeds are healthy from what is not, you have to evaluate the color of the seed. The darker the color of the seed, the healthier it is. They often come in black, dark brown, or even tan-colored seeds with patterns. In picking the seeds, avoid choosing seeds that come in lighter shades of green. Don’t even try to grow the green ones because you’ll just waste your medium, time, and even the added nutrients. Besides, it’s easy to separate the green ones from the brown ones.


The third most important factor to consider is the hardness of the seed. When they come brittle or soft, this means they are not good seeds. The harder the coat of the shell is, the better the health of the seed is. It may take time to sort the hard ones from the soft ones but it sure is worth it. Besides, it’s not that difficult to do. Put the seed in between your thumb and the index finger and gently press it to see if the shell is hard or soft.


When you’re still a flourishing grower, choose the grower-friendly strains where you can start up until you have got a hold of the growth patterns and requirements of marijuana. Before purchasing the seeds, compare the prices first. It would be best to start on the basic types of seeds that come at an affordable price. Besides, the first time is just a test of whether or not the marijuana seed can thrive.

What Are Regular Seeds?

A regular seed is classified as a 50-50 type of seed in terms of its gender. It has a 50% chance of getting a female plant and another 50% chance of growing a male plant alongside. Growers prefer getting female plants for growing and acquiring an exceptional new generation of seeds while male plants are often used in producing new strains also called cross-breeds or hybrids. Regular seeds are perfect for experienced cannabis growers and breeders who seek for perfection in growing their desired strain.

They come in different types and forms that are classified according to their indica or sativa dominance and levels of THC and CBD. This way, it’s easier for the grower to know what type of marijuana plant they are growing. If this is your first time growing marijuana regular seeds are just a second option considering its complexity during its growth period. It is only considered if you want to engage in different types of indica and sativa strains or if you’re breeding a new strain of your own.

The Light Cycle of Regular Seeds

When regular seeds are grown indoors, managing the light cycle wouldn’t require much effort as growing them outdoors. You can choose between the 24/0 and 18/6 light cycles as it undergoes the vegetative stage that can last up to two months. This is an opportunity for the marijuana plant to thrive more flowers. For outdoor-grown regular seeds, the light cycles are similar to the indoor-grown ones but as much as possible, keep them in a secluded area, especially during unfavorable weather conditions such as negative temperatures. You can allow them to acquire light outdoors as soon as the frost has passed. They will eventually adjust to the natural open atmosphere and will further rely on the light cycle of the sun.

Advantages of Regular Seeds

To lure you more in using regular seeds, you have to know more about their strengths when grown and harvested. There are four fundamental advantages that you can get from using regular seeds in growing marijuana.

  1. They contain purer genetics that makes them the originals considering that there were no feminized marijuana seeds available in the earlier years of marijuana legalization.
  2. It’s easier to experiment on creating a new set of strains since both male and female plants will sprout. You can make as much as you want up until you have come up with a strain with your desired properties and features.
  3. They do not require many chemical agents during growth and production. They thrive well in natural environments and nutrients that’s why organically grown marijuana strains are famous.
  4. Regular seeds grow as amazing mother plants that work well in making clones. Considering that they are the pure forms of marijuana, cloning them will get you the same strain with the same features you hoped for.

What Are Feminized Seeds?

You often hear or read feminized seeds in articles, shops, and dispensaries. What are they? What makes them so famous in cannabis threads? The name alone would explain how this type of seeds raises the chances of producing or germinating female plants instead of male ones. Why would you just want female plants? Female plants are the reason why marijuana buds are smokable or consumable. It establishes a taste that makes the burning sensation of marijuana while smoking more bearable.

The odds of germinating female plants are up to 99.9% which makes it the perfect type of seed to those whose objective is to produce merely dank buds than breeding them. Also, the growing process and requirements are known to be cheaper compared to regular ones which make it an ideal choice for newbies in the field of marijuana cultivation. Growing feminized seeds will save you the time, resources, and effort because they only germinate the seeds that you need for growing.

The Light Cycle of Feminized Seeds

If you’re growing feminized seeds outdoors, as soon as it acquires sunlight, the plant will start to flower. The time frame is from the end of the summer up until the season is transitioning to autumn. On the other hand, indoor-grown feminized seeds require an environment similar to autumn. The grower needs to gradually adapt to the 12/12 hour light schedule of the marijuana plant. This is not that challenging considering that indoor lights can be programmed or timed to be turned on or off at a specific time.

Advantages of Feminized Seeds

To get to know feminized seeds more, we have a list of advantages that you can use as a basis in choosing between regular and feminized seeds. Evaluate each of the advantages. Weigh in the factors on which type of seed would suit your experience, budget, and resources best. Feminized seeds have five fundamental advantages in total. Check them out below.

  1. The female plants that the feminized seeds develop help in producing smokable cannabis buds.
  2. Feminized seeds produce buds that are enriched with higher levels of THC and CBD that makes the consuming experience worth the while. The effects target both recreational and medical needs. They are also intended to last longer compared to the buds regular seeds produce.
  3. They are almost 100% female plants. Not even 1% will produce a hermaphroditic plant thus the production of a top-notch smokable amount of buds.
  4. Compared to other seed types, feminized seeds produce high yielding marijuana plants explaining the abundant amount of harvest.
  5. Feminized seeds that thrive into female plants reduces the number of leaves produced compared to regular and autoflower seeds.


Between regular and feminized marijuana seeds, which one works best. As you have reached the end of the article, we have weighed in the advantages and features of the two seed types. They have their strengths and weaknesses.

If you’re a beginner to an average grower, it would be best to start growing feminized seeds rather than the other because your goal is to smoke incredible buds right after. With the high amount of yields they produce and the heightened flavor and aroma, it’s something you will enjoy right after months of growing.

If you’re an experienced grower who wants to engage in breeding marijuana, regular seeds are for you. Regular seeds are designed for cross-breeding different strains to achieve their desired effects and growth properties. It may be quite tricky to do but breeding sure is a challenge in growing cannabis.

Regular vs feminized cannabis seeds: Which one is better? Find the real deal here before you buy precious cannabis seeds!