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Apothecary Farms’ Denver Medical Dispensary

For over half a decade, Apothecary Farms has been one of Denver’s preferred medical dispensaries – featuring flower, extracts, accessories, and more, drop by for a 10% in-person discount today!

Located just a few miles south of Capitol Hill, Apothecary Farms’ Denver medical dispensary is a one-stop cannabis store for Denver’s medical marijuana patients.

Featuring everything medical patients need, from flower to extracts to edibles and more, Apothecary Farms offers premium medical marijuana services at affordable prices. And with over half a decade’s experience in Colorado’s marijuana industry, our expert budtenders are always there to help you find the exact strain and product you need.

Our Denver Medical Dispensary Menu

Denver medical marijuana patients, look no further than Apothecary Farms. Featuring a state-of-the-art facility and expert budtenders, we’re proud to have been Colorado’s first extract-focussed dispensary. And while we’ve evolved our offerings to include a whole host of products, we remain true to our roots and continue to provide high-quality products and affordable prices to every patient who walks through our door.

Apothecary Farms’ Denver medical dispensary menu is loaded with cannabis products and extracts, but a fan favorite is Apothecary Farms’ signature line of extracts: Ambrosia™.

Apothecary Farms’ Ambrosia™ Products

Ambrosia™ is our trademarked line of live resin extracts. Live resin extracts are cannabis extracts made using fresh frozen, whole plants. Deep freezing cannabis upon harvest locks in the plant’s terpenes which not only help to better facilitate the high, but are largely responsible for the rich flavor and aroma which separates live resin extracts from extracts made with cured plants.

The original live resin extract formulation, Ambrosia™ features THC-A rich crystals that sit in a terp-heavy “sauce”, providing a well-rounded live resin extract experience.

Ambrosia™ Batter
Our batter is similar to our original Ambrosia™, except we hand-whip every batch to create a creamy cake batter-like consistency!

Ambrosia™ HCFSE
HCFSE (High Cannabinoid Full-Spectrum Extract) is the crystallized cannabinoid fraction of our original Ambrosia extract. With just the right amount of flavor and aroma to recognize the strain, HCFSE is the ultimate THC-rich live resin experience!

Ambrosia™ HTFSE
HTFSE (High Terpene Full-Spectrum Extract) is the low-viscosity terpene fraction, or “sauce”, of the original Ambrosia™. Packing roughly half the cannabinoids of our original Ambrosia™ extract, HTFSE delivers a taste-rich, aroma-heavy live resin experience.

Ambrosia™ Sugar
Ambrosia Sugar is our original Ambrosia™ that, after leveraging a different post-processing technique, produces a more homogenous extract with smaller crystals.

Ambrosia™ SHO (Solventless Hash Oil)
Ambrosia™ SHO (Solventless Hash Oil) is an artisan, hand-crafted hash oil produced without the use of any chemicals or solvents.

Come Visit The Best Medical Dispensary In Denver

Apothecary Farms is the best medical dispensary in Denver, and we have the products and experienced staff to prove it.

And for patients new to Apothecary Farms, we now offer a 10% in-store discount to first-time visitors!

Want to hear more about Apothecary Farms’ product line? Fill out a contact form or give us a call at (303) 862-5016 today!

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Apothecary Farms offers a premier medical dispensary in Denver, featuring knowledgeable budtenders, quality products, wide selection, and affordable prices.

Welcome to Colorado’s First Concentrate-Focused Cannabis Dispensary

Apothecary Farms is a cannabis dispensary committed to serving our customers, educating the community, and producing connoisseur quality extracts. All of our concentrates are processed in our 12,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art manufacturing and processing facility in Pueblo West by our Apothecary Extracts team.

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Only Highest Quality Products

We focus on high-end concentrates that are made in-house at our extraction lab. We also offer a variety of top-quality products from valued partners.

Thanks to our in-house production, our cannabis dispensary is able to offer highly competitive prices.

Our business is vertically integrated, which means that we control the cultivation and extraction processes to ensure only the best quality in our dispensaries, as well as allows us to respond quickly to customer needs.

We always strive to provide the highest level of customer service. Our consultants have the breadth of knowledge and experience to help you make the best choice.

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Stop on in and check out what makes
Apothecary Farms such a unique experience.

3049 Delta Dr , Colorado Springs , CO 80910

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2251 S Broadway , Denver , CO 80210

1917 Santa Fe Dr , Pueblo , CO 81006

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Apothecary Farms is a state-of-the-art cannabis dispensary with locations in Denver, Pueblo, and Colorado Springs, CO. Drop by or make a choice online!