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AK-49 Auto

The AK-49 Auto is an autoflowering version of the original AK-49. This potent indica/sativa hybrid inherited all the best qulitues of its outstanding parents.

The plant demonstrates good stability and short flowering. It develops very resinous, compact buds coated with mass of shiny trichomes. The plant is easy to grow and suits for indoors, outdoors and greenhouses. The time from germination to harvest takes only 10 weeks. The AK-49 Auto is one of the most powerful autofem strains with good productivity. It is recommended to use 10-liter pots to ensure much space for roots.

The smoke provides pungent aroma and fresh, sweet taste with skunky notes. The effect brings a feeling of euphoria and happiness. It can be used for pain and stress relief.

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First Grow Ak-49 autofem

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