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CBD ACDC Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

One of a few strains with an impressive CBD content is CBD ACDC in feminized variety. Its ripe, sativa-dominant buds will give you potent amounts of CBD and very low THC. This is the ideal therapeutic strain with no psychoactive effects, only a healthy and very fruity taste and aroma you’ll surely love to consume day after day.

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More About CBD ACDC

The Ultimate Healing Rockstar

CBD ACDC may be the name given as a tribute to the legendary rock band, but this Sativa dominant hybrid strain has more to offer than just your normal cannabis. With only 1% THC and 18% CBD content, this therapeutic cannabis allows for a more productive and healing approach to life. Bred to perfection to create a breed that has good amounts of CBD, this strain entails a lot of healing properties, including reducing anxiety and paranoia as well as stress.

Many of its abilities as a brand of marijuana centers around the improvement of the quality of life. Patients undergoing chemotherapy should give this a try to boost their health. While many are clamoring of its medical benefits, growers can make a profit out of this strain due to its ease in cultivation. Best grown indoors, CBD ACDC provides a healthy fruity aroma and flavor that thrives well when cultivated in a more controlled environment.

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4 reviews for CBD ACDC Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Isobelle K. – November 19, 2020

To be honest, I make sure to include smoking this CBD ACDC strain. Ever since I discovered it, I feel like I’m healthier and more energized. It also eases my anxiety, which is a great help for me. This strain is like my daily dose of vitamin C for cannabis ? I planted it indoors, and I find them very pretty and easy to grow.

Yang Jecmenek – November 1, 2020

What’s up it’s me, I am also visiting this web site daily, this web page is in fact good and the people are in fact sharing pleasant thoughts.

Estelle – October 21, 2020

Love this variety especially being a light weight user. I found getting these to germinate was very difficult, I only had success with 1 seed of the 5 and it took close to 4 weeks to get a root radicle. I almost gave up on it but glad I didn’t. Very pretty plant and it’s in veg mode right now but soon will be flipping to flower. Thank you for having this variety available!! It’s great.

james – July 23, 2020

This plant is just awsome, i did train my plant a LOT!! And it make really wonderfull buds. Im king suprised of the size of the buds, they are huge for week 5 of flowering. But , its not my favorite smell. So far so good, i cant wait to taste it and make some honey cbd with etc.

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Ac dc cannabis seeds

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Plant Characteristics Very fast growing, large and heavy yielding, robust plant, can easily reach 10 ft or more with a vigorous tap root and thick sturdy stalks. Strong immunity and resistance to heat, pests, and mildew. Excellent leaf to calyx ratio and a very thick and dense flower structure making processing and manicuring flowers a much more efficient and enjoyable job!

CBD Demonstrated 26:1 ratio, capable of achieving 30:1 CBD to THC or more depending on growing conditions. USDA Farm Bill Compliant with Total THC

“ Nicknamed the “Jolly Green Giant,” ACDC is a phenomenally strong cultivar that will grow huge and healthy in a wide array of diverse conditions. Originally bred into industrial hemp from the robust Cannatonic strain, this ACDC cultivar was then refined in southern Oregon for four consecutive generations to further its strength, vigor, terpene content, cannabinoid profiles, and resistance to pest and disease. Our feminization program then selectively re-bred for those same characteristics, in addition to focusing on pure XX chromosomal feminization. Everything about it including the seed is size XXL. It grows a powerful taproot when planted from seed, with wide tangles of thick white roots that can reach many feet deep through hard layers of packed clay and earth. Its strong roots can provide abundant cool ground moisture in times of drought and excessive heat and will bring rock solid support to its weighty canopy. Arm thick stalks bring sturdy support for the heavy flower loads and will remain rigid in heavy winds and rain. Its growth pattern is surprisingly fast and vigorous and seedlings planted in the ground as late as July can easily still reach heights of 8-10 feet with staggering yields of multiple lbs. per plant. Long dense colas will fill in the field and can mature as early as late September with brilliant crimson, purple, and green fall colors possible as well. The ACDC has a strong and healthy immune system and exhibits resistance to disease, pests, mold and mildew. Even when exposed to potential pathogens, the plant can ward off these threats and still thrive to produce abundant yields. As nature intended, ACDC takes excellent care of herself, making it both a very forgiving and very rewarding choice for both the beginning and the seasoned hemp farmer. ”

Premium Feminized Hemp Seeds, 100% USDA Compliant, 99% Viable, 25:1 Ratios, Amazing and Unique Terpene Profiles. We know what you need to grow what you need.