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A Soothing Seed

San Diego Marijuana Delivery

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About this Marijuana Delivery Service

A Soothing Seed Collective is a State Recognized NonProfit Mutual Benefit Corporation and San Diego County’s premier supplier of high quality, medical grade Marijuana Clones, Seeds and Gourmet Edibles . All of our clones are rooted and ready to be transplanted into any garden setup. Our sole purpose is to provide Cultivation support to our members in order to ensure a successful medication harvest.

We cultivate our mother plants from Breeder Seeds ONLY, and never buy and sell clones from outside vendors. All of our plants are farmed on-site, so our members can begin the exciting process of growing medical marijuana with Happy, Healthy clones. Join our collective and speak with a health care provider about your medication needs, or browse our FAQs to answer some of your most basic questions.

We offer Feminized only, Pure Genetics Sativa Marijuana Clones, Indica Marijuana Clones, Hybrid Marijuana Clones and Cannabis Seeds, so that you can begin your legal medical grow from various stages of development.

We meet our Members by Appointment Only, No Walk-ins.

Pineapple Express – G13 Labs

Pineapple Express it’s awesome, Unheard of Quality, Great Yield, Fast Flowering, Highly Resinous, Potent mentally and physically, Incredible taste, & feminized. What more can you ask for. Pineapple Express, are high-grade cannabis seeds that were previously extremely rare. True smokers appreciate the delicate and sweet characteristics. These seeds are superior quality and all have been thoroughly tested. Extreme caution is advised strong fruity fragrance.

Flowering Time: Medium, Long
Outdoor Harvest: October
Height: Medium, Tall
THC Level: High

Northern Lights x Big Bud – World of Seeds

World of Seeds Medical Collection Northern Lights x Big Bud: Northen lights winner of the 88 ,89 and 1990 cannabis cup; crossed with BIG BUD ( one of the most commercial plants in the 80´sand 90´s because of its production) makes it ideal for indoors because of their resin covered buds. Northern Lights x Big Bud is of great medical value and ideal against anxiety because of their equally percentage of cannabinoids and ideal for growers with little space because of its great production. Its high value in CBD gives you the sensation of a middle high. Northern Lights x Big Bud could be used for any therapeutic use. Northern Lights x Big Bud cannabis seeds can be cultivated indoors and takes cannnabis seeds 45-55 days to flower. It’s cannabis seeds are highly resistant to disease and mould. Northern Lights x Big Bud effects are high.

Type: Indica
Genetics: Northern Lights x Big Bud
Flowering time: 50 – 60 days average
THC: 21%
CBD: ?

AK-47 – Serious Seeds

This easy to grow plant is one of the most popular. It is of medium height and produces good yields quite quickly. Extremely STRONG odor and smoke. The name was given not out of any idea of violence, but more in association with the one hit wonder that the smoke is. Quality without compromise makes AK suitable for commercial grows or home use. These plants have a short flowering period for a sativa, producing compact, not too leafy buds that gleam with a coat of resin crystals.

Genetics: Columbian, Mexican, Thai & Afghani
Harvest Date Outdoor: middle – end of October
Indoor clone grow time: 5 – 10 days
Indoor flowering time: 53 – 63 days
Indoor yield: 350 – 500 g/m²

Chronic Thunder – Barney’s Farm

Chronic X Alaskan Thunder.
Chronic Thunder has all the attributes desired of a Barney’s Farm breeding program.
A wonderful blend of genetics resulting in an Indica-dominant hybrid that produces a relaxing satisfied high, with a beautifully uniquely tart fragrance and flavor.
The plant grows medium tall – 90 -100cm, and gives a great yield of Chronic Thunder treasure in just 8 weeks from flowering.

Gender: Feminized seeds

Barneys Farm – Chronic Thunder seeds are feminized seeds that only produce female plants.

Genetics: Indica 100%
Barneys Farm – Chronic Thunder contains the following genes: Indica 100%.

Flowering: 50 – 60 days
Barneys Farm – Chronic Thunder flowers for about 50 – 60 days.

Yield: 500 – 600 grams per m2
The yield of Barneys Farm – Chronic Thunder is about 500 – 600 grams per m2.

Climate : Temperate and Hot
Barneys Farm – Chronic Thunder is suitable for the following climates: Temperate and Hot.

Type: Indoor, Outdoor and Greenhouse
Barneys Farm – Chronic Thunder is suitable for growing: Indoor, Outdoor and Greenhouse.

High: Heavy stoned
Barneys Farm – Chronic Thunder gives a ’Heavy stoned’ effect.

Height: 50 – 100 cm
Barneys Farm – Chronic Thunder grows into about 50 – 100 cm plants.

Medical: High THC / High CBD
Barneys Farm – Chronic Thunder is a strain with 20% THC and a High CBD strength.

Learn general information about A Soothing Seed, a marijuana delivery service in San Diego, California.

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