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Bitdefender Total Security Terrible Business Practice [Updated]

About a year ago, I decided to purchase a family subscription to Bitdefender as it was affordable, and gave you a 15 device protection plan with a dashboard to view all device status and incidents. I thought this was awesome, and Bitdefender had a really good reputation for being light and having high detection rates.

However here’s the part that is causing me to make this blog post and ask for a complete refund. Their business practices are terrible. They keep trying to upsell their other products in very annoying ways. They bundle their VPN product with this install, which OK, that’s understandable, so if you won’t want to try it, just uninstall it, right? Wrong. If you uninstall it, it will reinstall itself next time it updates, start the application, and be in your tray if you’re in windows or in your menu bar if you’re on Mac OS.

I contacted Bitdefender about this, and expressed my frustration, and basically they said, that’s too bad, you can disable it. I replied and let them know that the VPN re installs itself even if you uninstall it and will re enable itself. Eventually I just gave up, and dealt with this annoyance.

However, today was the last straw. I was watching a YouTube video in full-screen, when I got a pop up ad that was quite large advertising their VPN product. I first checked to see if I’m logged into the Total Security application so that it knows I’m a paid user, and I was. I can understand this type of behavior if I was using a free version of their software, however I’m a paying user, I shouldn’t have to deal with their ads to up-sell me. That’s why I submitted a ticket to have my money fully refunded and I’ll move to another product. I posted this, to hopefully keep people from using their software if they are looking into it, and hopefully to force them to change their terrible business practices. If the ad shows up again, I’ll take a screenshot and update the post.

Update: Ad came up again right after making this post, I’ve put the ad as the main image above, and attached a screenshot below showing it with the Bitdefender Dashboad showing that I am logged in (personal info redacted) and that I have an active subscription. And it immediately came up on my Mac the second I opened the lid. I’ve since told Bitdefender that this “Special Offers” option should be Opt in, not Opt Out.

Update [23/10/2020] – Bitdefender has apologized, and sent feedback to the team that this should be opt in, not opt out. I hope the changes get made. I believe also the VPN has not been re installing itself anymore of recent. Thanks to Bitdefender for accepting criticism.

WhatsApp Video not playing on iOS 14.2 Beta 2 workaround

I always eat my own words and end up trying betas, some better than others, but the latest iOS Beta 14.2 Beta 2 did something pretty annoying. It made WhatsApp Videos not play and also not scrubbable. There was one workaround of just playing it on Whatsapp Web or Desktop. But if you’re not at a computer and need to watch a video right now, there was no way.

I have found a work around on iOS until it’s fixed by WhatsApp/Apple (depending if Apple broke something or WhatsApp has to update something).

  1. Open the video you want to play and click on the squiggly line on the bottom left that allows you to edit the video before forwarding it:

2. Press Play in the edit window to watch the video. That’s it! Now you can watch videos. It’s annoying, but better than nothing.

I’ll be submitting this feedback to both WhatsApp and Apple.

AMD RX 6000 Series Big Navi Ultra-wide Wallpaper

Today AMD showed off it’s RX 6000 Big Navi Series GPU Design with cooler. They also provided a 4K image in the tweet. Since I recently got the LG 38-wn95c-w ultrawide monitor, I decided to make an ultrawide wallpaper for my monitor, which I then shared on Reddit. I decided to post on my blog in case Reddit compresses the original image.

For those curious, I simply added horizonal pixels to the image to get the same aspect ratio so (5184×2160) and then I used Content Aware Fill, and then I shrunk the image to 3840×1600 to keep the correct aspect ratio without deforming the picture.

Download Image (3840×1600)

AMD RX 6000 Series Big Navi Ultra-wide Wallpaper

LG 38WN95C-W Release Date

I recently was researching screens for a new PC, and after a few days of researching I picked the LG 38WN95C-W. I liked the ultra wide aspect ratio, 144hz refresh rate for gaming, Thunderbolt 3, fast response time, and higher resolution (3840×1600) than the other monitors in same size/similar aspect ratio. However this monitor is not out yet. I saw no release date, so I went to twitter. Some others had asked LG in their countries, but no reply. This morning LG Canada replied to me with a June 7th 2020 Release Date.

Hi there, thanks for reaching out. The 38WN95C-W is set to release the week of June 7th. Keep an eye on for updates.

Update: The Release Date has been changed to second week of July. Customers in the States have already started to receive their monitors.

The 38WN95C-W is set launch the second week of July.

I'm allover the interwebs!